Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Manchester Pride

Adventures in Britain continue...

David and I are clubbing around London and Manchester this month. Last weekend was a public holiday long weekend (the last one in the UK this year) which saw thousands of queens heading from all parts of the country for Manchester Pride.

The "Village" around Canal Street is closed off for about four blocks and the only way in is with a ($10 money to charity) wrist band. This is a fantastic idea and the three day event combines a sort of fair day with parade and numerous competing parties.

Every bar has its own thing happening and the whole are is alive for party, party and more party.... One highlight for the organisers this year was that the Army came! About 10 uniformed soldiers paraded and manned a recruitment stall. Some 20 RAF colleagues manned a float featuring a plane cockpit - the RAF was the first armed service to join a gay pride festival at last year's event. Gay news for the Queer Australian

The Art Of Michael Brayette (Studio 1088)

brayette5 The Art Of Michael Brayette (Studio 1088)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Australian Gays Protest Ban On Gay Marriage

(Sydney, Australia) Thousands of same-sex couples demonstrated Sunday in towns and cities across Australia demanding the federal government repeal the ban on gay marriage.

gay marriage Called the National Day of Action commemorated the 2004 passage of the ban by Prime Minister John. Howard's Liberal government. The law defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

In January the government moved to block gays from marrying abroad where same-sex unions are legal.

Some countries require proof from foreign nationals that people seeking to wed are not already married. The government instructed its embassies and consulates in Canada and in Europe to refuse to provide eligibility certificates to people they believe are gay.

Howard also has refused to consider civil unions. After civil partnerships became legal in the UK Howard was asked if his government ever would consider same-sex marriage or civil partnerships. "Never' he replied (story

When Australian Capital Territory passed legislation giving same-sex couples most of the rights of marriage the federal government blocked the bill from being implemented. (story)

More than 1000 people attended Sunday's protest in Sydney. Other demonstrations were held in Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart and nearly a dozen other centers.

Last month the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission began a six month inquiry into the effects of federal law banning same-sex marriage and the refusal of the government to consider civil partnerships.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Robbie Williams On the Dance Floor

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Robbie Williams On the Dance Floor Beautiful_robbiew_williams1Seeing Madonna return to the dance floor and re-establishing her icon status among her gay fans - not to mention boosting up her record sales worldwide - Robbie Williams is supposedly working on a top secret dance album, targeting at her Madgesty’s fanbase. Rumor has it he is collaborating with producer William ‘Ray Of Light’ Orbit and the Pet Shop Boys. Robbie’s last CD ‘Intensive Care’ had this rock edge that – apparently – was not so appealing for his more camp pop audience. The project is said to be so secret, Robbie decided to work on it using an alias. Considering Madonna’s successful sample of Abba’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme,’ maybe Robbie is targeting the same formula. Something from Take That perhaps?Beautiful_robbiew_williams2_1

Thanks to GUS Magazine.

Talk Of The Month - Brent Van Zant Posted in TechStickle...

Talk Of The Month - Brent Van Zant

Posted in TechStickle Gorgeous on August 12th, 2006

All the gay blogs talked about Brent Van Zant at least one time… This stud is seriously hot and especially on these new pics (new for me !). How can you get killer abs like that ??? Nice face, nice bush (lol), and everything else… For a better sleep, share a pillow with Brent (was kididding !).

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Bend Over Beckham Posted in TechStickle Gorgeous...

Bend Over Beckham

Posted in TechStickle Gorgeous on August 12th, 2006

David beckham

David and Victoria Beckham revealed their raunchy side in a photo shoot for their fragrance, Intimately, which will hit stores later this month. It’s the first major campaign David and Victoria have ever done together and they both wanted everything to be perfect. The scents follow the pre-Christmas launch of David Beckham`s first eau de toilette for men, called Instinct.
:: The male Instinct Double Effect ::

David beckham

Bad news, today David was dropped from the England soccer team by new coach Steve McClaren; But let see the bright side of the news, it will give David more time for cooking running and maybe try on a couple of new speedos ;-)

David beckham

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Channing Tatum Step Up
Channing Tatum Step Up

So here are a few photo from the Step Up Los Angeles premier. Channing Tatum is a real hottie Two more photos from his recent promotional photo shoot… this time in B&W gggrrrrrr loving it

Channing Tatum Step Up
Channing Tatum Step Up

More Channing Tatum posts Channing Tatum in Step Up Channing Tatum Naked CHANNING TATUM STEPs UP Posted in TechStickle Gorgeous on August 11th, 2006

Tom Cruises onto the pitch Posted in TechStickle...

Tom Cruises onto the pitch

Posted in TechStickle Gorgeous on August 11th, 2006

You can say what you want about Tom Cruise and about his Scientology things (I agree it’s weird !) but, you can admit that he’s got an ass ! And he’s 44 - Not too bad !

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Cristiano Ronaldo Back with Manchester United.....

Posted in TechStickle Gorgeous on August 10th, 2006

Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo marked his return for Manchester United with two sweetly taken goals and an assist in his first game on English soil since the World Cup.

The tricky midfielder answered his critics in perfect style with his performance and temperament in the pre-season friendly victory over Oxford United, despite heavy booing from the home fans at The Kassam Stadium throughout the Red Devils’ 4-1 win.

United’s management have been unerring in the faith they showed the youngster after the controversy following his exploits at this summer’s World Cup.

And on the evidence of his performance against the Conference outfit on Tuesday night, they were wise to do so.

Ronaldo was all-smiles right from the word go and was a constant torment to the Oxford defence.

He laid on the game’s opening goal for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and scored a strong volleyed return from Louis Saha for the second, and both within the first ten minutes.

Darren Fletcher hit a strong drive to make United’s lead 3-0 after just 16 minutes of the game.

Oxford new boy Rob Duffy grabbed one back for the home side on 27 minutes, with a solid header, but it was Ronaldo’s night and the winger doubled his tally with a curling shot early in the second half.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s men were never really troubled in the game, but he will be pleased with the run out for his World Cup stars and particularly the attitude and potency of his talented starlet.

Another Underwear Parade Posted in TechStickle...

Another Underwear Parade

Posted in TechStickle Gorgeous on August 12th, 2006

It may have been National Underwear Day in New York City yesterday, but the Brazilians also got their share of undergarments this week at the third edition of Bom Retiro Fashion Business in S o Paulo, an event I guess I should start covering live.

On more underwear news, ex-Big Brother Brazil contestants Dan Dan and Rafael modeled for Brazilian brand Mash in Sao Paulo yesterday. The pictures are after the jump.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

TechniCool Gorgeous July 28th : Unico

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US Army dismisses gay translator

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US Army dismisses gay translator

A gay group representing homosexual military recruits has hit out at the sacking of an Arab linguist from the US Army after he was outed on the internet.

Former Sergeant Bleu Copas was stationed at Fort Bragg, and was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division.

A decorated Sergeant who received impressive performance reviews, Copas also performed in the 82nd Airborne Chorus.

Reichen Lehmkuhl - Amazing Race - boyfriend of Lance Bass

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Reichen Lehmkuhl, is a Former Air Force Captain. Winner of the Amazing race 4, Reichen is currently writing a book “Here’s

What We’ll Say” about the don’t ask don’t tell policy in the United Air Force Academy. Having a body is not everything in life, but when you have the full package, it sure helps ! You have to visit Reichen official to learn more about this amazing man.


Read his interview for Instinct Magazine.

Gay news for the Queer Australian

Ricky Unplugged

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Originally uploaded by TechniCool.

MTV Latin America announced today that Sony/BMG superstar Ricky Martin will tape the next edition of its MTV Unplugged franchise, which will be produced by MTV Latin America in collaboration with MTV Tr3s.

The special will tape in Miami in August 2006 and it will debut on MTV Latin America, MTV Tr3s and MTV Puerto Rico in November 2006.

It’ll also air on more than 100 MTV channels around the world, as well as select broadcast networks. The show will also be released on CD and DVD and will be distributed worldwide in November 2006 by Sony BMG.

“Creating music that reaches millions of people through the magic of TV is an extraordinary opportunity. That is why this project with MTV Latin America is of interest to me and weÂ’re working on giving them a truly spectacular musical event that will showcase our music and the unique energy to every corner of the globe especially the Latin communities.” commented Ricky Martin.

Superman is NOT Gay but Batwoman Is a Lesbian

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” border=”0″ alt=”Brandon Routh as Superman” />

How gay is Superman? I mean, the tights, the fashion-forward color palate, the clearly expensive hair cut and necessary care products. Come on. Oh wait, did my saying that make you want to shoot me as much as it made me want to shoot myself?

Since Superman’s homo or not? is that okay to say? really, we need to know how to brand this shit status is of the utmost importance, the LA Times has devoted 1,300 words to this valuable topic. Leaving no potentially GAY stone unturned.

No one at Warner Bros suggests that Superman in “Superman Returns” is, in fact, gay. But, as several entertainment and cultural writers have noted, superheroes hold obvious — and since Queer As Folk, growing — gay appeal.

In addition to being strikingly good-looking, the characters often are portrayed as alienated outsiders, typically leading double lives. In the case of Superman, the puny wimpy schoolboy is transformed into a beefcake character wearning lycra and designer underwear and is seen running around the city in a skin-tight suit.. Hmmmmm.

Superman is a Gay hero
Superman is a Gay hero
Superman is a Gay hero
Superman is a Gay hero

Historically Superman attracts gorgeous women but has struggled with romance. Hmmmmm. And for a career choice, the alter ego is a caring nuturing, save the pussy cat type guy, seeking solace and counselling from his favourtie “uncle”.

So say what you like but for me Superman is gay and gay men like him because of his bod, his suit, his bulge, his sensitivity and because he’s a strong, silent, outsider type.

Warner Bros. declined to comment. But the studio is reaching out to some gay moviegoers. Warners has bought “Superman Returns” advertising time on Logo, a year-old digital cable channel in 20 million homes that calls itself “the channel for Gay America.”

Director Bryan Singer is an out-of-the-closet gay man in Hollywood, Kevin Spacey has long been rumored to be gay, and there’s now rumors that new Superman Brandon Routh is also gay. So in a couple months, Superman Returns might be the biggest gay film of all time.

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Superman is not Gay but Batwoman is a lesbian

Brandon Routh has an enourmous package

Batwoman as a socialite lesbian

Lost, Desperate Housewives, Alias, and Commander in Chief

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Seinfeld fans will note the Teri Hatcher reference in the title of this post, but I just tried out ABC’s full-episode streaming video service which launched a few minutes ago (around 2am this morning), and it is indeed quite nice.

Lost, Desperate Housewives, Alias, and Commander in Chief. They are all available online now if you live in the U.S. — free of charge. This isn’t some B-reel lineup of shows starving for attention. These are ABC’s most popular programs, and now thanks to Disney Brass, the ABC team in Burbank, and the Disney Internet Group in both Seattle and North Hollywood, they are viewable on any computer with a broadband connection. No more PVR-induced BitTorrenting for me… at least with ABC shows.

I have a special regard for this product because it was the last project I worked on before leaving Disney to start Newsvine. My work was in the proof-of-concept phase and the final product doesn’t share a single line of code or element of design, but I still feel an affinity for what has been accomplished here. I think it’s really, really great.

Some items of importance:

* I have one complaint and that is that the video is not available in Australia, yet.

* This service is fully cross-browser and cross-platform. No Internet Explorer/Windows Media mess to worry about. I’m so glad Flash video won out in the end, and although Steve Jobs had nothing to do with it, I’m sure he’s happy that these shows look and work great on Macs.

* This is perhaps the nicest looking Flash video I’ve ever seen. Not only are the video dimensions nice and large, but the picture is extremely clear and not choppy at all. You can tell a lot of work went into the encoding and delivery process. It’s also interesting to note that this is 400k and 700k Flash streaming and not progressive download. Progressive download has been a lot more common than streaming in the past and it’s nice to see such a great example of true broadband Flash streaming in action.

* As great as this service is from a design and engineering standpoint, what’s been accomplished here from a licensing standpoint is just as significant. Disney has wanted to stream television shows for several years now. I remember working on early prototypes a few years ago, but the problem back then was that internet rights had never been negotiated into the deals of the network’s most popular shows. This wasn’t specific to ABC but to all major networks including NBC, Fox, and CBS. Most people think that when a show like Desperate Housewives airs on ABC, the network has full ownership of it. That is not the case. They generally have rights to do certain things with it (viz. air it on TV, sell it on DVD, etc), but only recently have networks begun including internet distribution rights in these deals. It looks like we’re finally starting to see the fruits of these new licensing terms, and it’s a great great thing.

* My only complaint here is the lack of ability to pop the video full screen. I remember talking to Macromedia about this awhile back but can’t remember what their answer was with regards to whether or not they’d ever be able to build this functionality into the Flash plug-in.

So head on over to and check this thing out for yourself. I’m sure it’s just the beginning of a lot more video-related initiatives to come at Disney. Big ups to everyone over there and to all the peeps in the Seattle office!

One more thing: I believe this is officially a “trial service” which will run until June 30th. Hopefully it will do well and continue on long after that.

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Chi Chi Larue leaves Vivid over policy change to condom optional

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chi chi larue Our favorite drag queen porn director Chi Chi LaRue has stopped directing straight productions for Vivid because they’ve changed their condom-only policy. “As a person who has been very vocal about condom usage in every aspect of the gay business as well as the straight, and as a person who went to work for Vivid because of their mandatory condom policy, I had to stop directing for them once it became condom-optional.” Larue said, adding, “It’s my policy to use condoms and it would be very hypocritical of me after how vocal I’ve been in this industry in the gay and straight sides to continue to do movies and not use condoms. Vivid’s Howard Levine said, “My hat is off to Chi Chi for his commitment to his beliefs and I wish him the best, but I do wish he would return the dress he borrowed from me for the AVN Awards.” (Thanks Dan-x)

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World of Warcraft’s online game community

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world of warcraft

World of Warcraft\’s online game community, which draws more than five million players worldwide, has found itself in the middle of a big gay controversy. A player, Sara Andrews of Nashville, Tennesee, was threatened with expulsion from the virtual Warcraft world after she sought to recruit others into her gay-friendly team. An uproar ensued, spurring the game\’s maker to review its treatment of gay players. Blizzard Entertainment, the game\’s maker, apologized to Andrew, saying the warning was a mistake and that it will make some changes to prevent a repeat. Of course Andrews\’ attorney from Lambda Legal may have had something to do with that too.
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Gwen Araujo murder retrial jury decides to verdicts...

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Gwen Araujo murder retrial jury decides to verdicts, stuck on third

Jurors in the Gwen Araujo murder retrial reached verdicts for two defendants, then asked Judge Harry Sheppard if those decisions would be affected if they are unable to render a verdict for the third. Sheppard told them they would not. "It\’s torturous sitting here not knowing, wondering what they\’re talking about. I wish we could be in the deliberation room," said David Guerrero, Gwen\’s uncle. "But we\’ll just have to sit here and wait."  
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RuPaul heralds 'the return of the goddess'...

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RuPaul heralds 'the return of the goddess'

While RuPaul is currently reading Augusten Burrough\’s "Dry," it\’s "The Di Vinci Code" that changed her life. RuPaul writes, "I still can\’t shake The Di Vinci Code. The book answered so many questions (that I) have had for years concerning the demonization of feminine energy. I believe that goddess energy is making it\’s triumphant return in our lifetime. I believe that hurricane\’s are passionate and unpredictable like feminine energy. I\’ve always said that if North America was a woman, the Mississippi Delta would be her womb.  
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Cornyn raises sodomy ruling in day one of Roberts...

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Cornyn raises sodomy ruling in day one of Roberts judicial hearing

For those of you who haven\’t been paying attention, Bush is looking to fill a seat on the Supreme Court and his nominee, John Roberts, is now officially in the hot seat. Day one brought the expected wingnut nonsense from a conservative wackjob, this time being Senator John Cornyn. Cornyn, pictured, told Roberts that Lawrence vs. Texas, the 2003 Supreme Court ruling overturning state sodomy laws, was an example of how the court has misinterpreted the Constitution, and while three others warned of creating "new rights" for us unmentionables, it was Senator Edward Kennedy who was the only member of the Judiciary Committee to say "gays," including us in a litany of groups whose rights the Supreme Court should expand, rather than take away. Here, here! 
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Drag superstar Holly Woodlawn: I'm a cockroach...

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Drag superstar Holly Woodlawn: I'm a cockroach

Legendary drag superstar Holly Woodlawn was on hand for the screening of "The Life and Times of Andy Warhol" at the Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. "That whole era is gone, and it will never happen again, unfortunately - and sort of fortunately," she says. "I\’m a cockroach. It\’s not symbolism or metaphor or whatever. I\’m a cockroach because when the human race is wiped out, I\’ll probably be still living! I have no idea what I did."  
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Queer Day is back from rebirthing class and I...

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The dawn of a new Queer Day

Queer Day is back from rebirthing class and I couldn\’t be happier to be holding this squeaky clean baby in my amazingly large and thick and long-fingered hands. With the dawning of the new day I\’m also installing comments here, something previously avoided to save myself from comment spam and the requisite wack-jobs. But TypeKey is, hopefully, going to prevent all that. One simple sign-up with the industry standard and you can have your say for days to come. Let\’s get interactive! 
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With New Orleans 80 percent under water, hope...

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Katrina cancels Southern Decadence - or not

With New Orleans 80 percent under water, hope springs eternal. The Oxford Press quotes a bar owner as saying he hopes the power is back on for the event. In Myrtle Beach, the paper quotes a restaurant owner just waiting for the power to come on so he can start cooking for it. WorldNet says the two events are connected and that God sent Katrina to stop the party.  
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California marriage bill clears Senate; will Arnie...

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California marriage bill clears Senate; will Arnie sign?

Handing gay rights advocates a major victory, the California Senate approved legislation Thursday that would legalize same-sex marriages in the nation\’s most populous state. The 21-15 vote made the Senate the first legislative chamber in the country to approve a gay marriage bill. It sets the stage for a showdown in the state Assembly, which narrowly rejected a gay marriage bill in June. Will Gov. Schwarzenegger sign it if it passes? It doesn\’t look good so far.  
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Court hears gay agent Rod Hall was killed in SM...

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Court hears gay agent Rod Hall was killed in SM role play

Rod Hall, 53, the openly gay "gentle, caring and mild-mannered" literary agent behind the hit films "The Full Monty" and "Billy Elliot," was stabbed to death by Usman Durrani, 22, after being chained up in manacles in a sado-masochistic sex game. Prosecuting attorney Aftab Jafferjee said that Hall had recently split with his partner of 27 years and had taken to short-term relationships, meeting men apparently more interested in his money. Hall met his role-playing master Durrani online. Durrani has confessed to killing Hall, while denying that he is the murderer.  
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Big Gay Out scores with Bananarama, loses with Babyshambles...

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Big Gay Out scores with Bananarama, loses with Babyshambles

London\’s Big Gay Out, one of the largest gay festivals in Europe, took place this past weekend with the likes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood performing, Human League, and if that wasn\’t enough of a blast from the past, after 13 years off the scene Bananarama, pictured, now a duo featuring Sarah Dallin and Keren Woodward, hit the stage as well. They have a new single being released soon too called "Move In My Direction," just in case you were wondering. Anyway, who wasn\’t there was Babyshambles. Big Gay Out organizers had insisted Pete Doherty would perform at the Finsbury Park event, but they scored themselves another no show. Rumor has it Doherty has sacked his bandmantes and no progress is even being made on the buzz band\’s debut album. 
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Dallas gay marriage activists announced their...

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Opposing gay marriage in Texas is bullshit

Dallas gay marriage activists announced their plans to begin mailing cow manure to senators who are in favor of placing a ban on gay marriage in Texas. Their website declares that they\’ve "begun shipping pink-painted cattle excrement" to 20 lawmakers and Republican Senators Kim Brimer of Fort Worth, Jane Nelson of Lewisville and Chris Harris of Arlington are on their "send poo" mailing list. Amanda McMurrey, spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service in Fort Worth, notes that, "Excrement, regardless of origin, is mailable only under certain conditions." Apparently a coat of pink paint isn\’t enough. McMurrey says they could face fines and a stay in federal prison. (Thanks Dan-X) 
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Sun City cancels Lady Chablis show for being inappropriate...

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Sun City cancels Lady Chablis show for being inappropriate

The Lady Chablis, made famous by the best-selling book and film "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," didn\’t know that her performance in Sun City had been cancelled. An official pulled the plug on the show saying her act wasn\’t suitable for the community. Robert Mahnke, who admitted he\’d never seen her act, blamed a breakdown in communication in his office for the show being advertised and for tickets being sold. "I don\’t understand how someone could make this decision when they haven\’t seen my show," The Lady Chablis said. "You wouldn\’t go to Saks 5th Avenue and buy a dress if you hadn\’t tried it on."  
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Murder victim Robert Kissel had been surfing gay...

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Murder victim Robert Kissel had been surfing gay porn

According to travel records, American Nancy Kissel (pictured) and her three children went back to the United States in March 2003 to avoid the SARS outbreak, while her banker husband, Robert Kissel, stayed in Hong Kong for several days before going to Taiwan. Robert was murdered and Nancy\’s on trial for serving him a pink milkshake laced with sedatives and then beating him to death with a heavy metal ornament. Law enforcement has revealed that the deceased had been surfing gay porn sites and looking for sex while in HK. Nancy claimed he assaulted her while drunk after she refused him sex and that he disappeared prior to his body being found. Computer searches were made for "hot male sex\’" and "Taiwan escorts" while Nancy and the kids were away.  
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Standing while gay gets Jason Eng and friend $50...

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Standing while gay gets Jason Eng and friend $50 citations

Jason Eng got a $50 ticket for being in violation of a "no stopping or standing" in a fire zone sign. Trouble is, he was on foot talking with a friend in Hudson River Park. The pair had just disembarked from a thank-you cruise for gay pride volunteers. "It\’s so ridiculous that it\’s hilarious," said Eng, 25. "I can\’t believe this actually happened. There\’s no reason I should get a ticket. … We were walking to the subway." Dennis Spafford, 27, an organizer with the Manhattan-based nonprofit group Heritage of Pride, was also cited. While they planned on fighting the charges, once the story hit the media it wasn\’t long before the charges were dismissed. (Thanks Aaron) 
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In Iran, mullahs\’ henchmen publicly hanged...

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Iran publicly hangs two young gay men

In Iran, mullahs\’ henchmen publicly hanged two young boys in Mashhad. One was 18 and the other was a juvenile. Before the hanging the boys were each flogged 228 times while the executioners wore masks. The victims were charged with "disrupting public order" among other things and had been imprisoned for the past 14 months, thus they were both underage at the time of the alleged offenses. Exactly 24 hours prior to the start of negotiations between the mullahs representative and the European Union in London, the execution occured. The boys conviction for allegedly raping a 13-year-old boy at knifepoint has been decried by Outrage! as a smokescreen to justify killing gay men.  
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