Saturday, August 12, 2006

Standing while gay gets Jason Eng and friend $50...

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Standing while gay gets Jason Eng and friend $50 citations

Jason Eng got a $50 ticket for being in violation of a "no stopping or standing" in a fire zone sign. Trouble is, he was on foot talking with a friend in Hudson River Park. The pair had just disembarked from a thank-you cruise for gay pride volunteers. "It\’s so ridiculous that it\’s hilarious," said Eng, 25. "I can\’t believe this actually happened. There\’s no reason I should get a ticket. … We were walking to the subway." Dennis Spafford, 27, an organizer with the Manhattan-based nonprofit group Heritage of Pride, was also cited. While they planned on fighting the charges, once the story hit the media it wasn\’t long before the charges were dismissed. (Thanks Aaron) 
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