Friday, June 30, 2006

Gay Sailors March in London at EuroPride

Gay Sailors March in London at EuroPride

U.K. gay and lesbian naval personnel will march in full uniform for the first time at EuroPride on Saturday. More than 40 sailors, ranging from able seamen to Royal Navy Reserve commanders, will participate in the parade in London. It's the first time that any military organization in the world has allowed gay and lesbian recruits to march in uniform at such an event.

The naval contingent will actually lead the parade. This inaugural event comes six years after a landmark ruling to allow gay people to serve openly in the British armed forces.

"They will not be marching in a parade formation, but they will be walking smartly and in full uniform with medals," said Cmdr. Graham Beard, the Navy's diversity spokesman. "We strive to support our lesbian and gay community, and this is a massive step forward for us."

In 1999, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that gay people had a legal right to serve in the armed forces. Before then, they faced being ejected if their sexuality was discovered.

Ben Summerskill, Stonewall's chief executive, said the Navy should be congratulated for its gay-friendly policies, and he hoped the Army and Royal Air Force would follow the example. "We are delighted that so many naval personnel feel able to march on Saturday and feel comfortable about doing so," Summerskill said. "There are an awful lot of young recruits who would like to be in the military, and this sends the right message."
Lt. Cmdr. Craig Jones, one of the Navy's most senior openly gay officers, is helping to organize the march.
"I've been looking forward to something like this happening for four or five years," he said. "There were countries that accepted gays into the services before us, but we're the first to do this." Gay news for the Queer Australian

Thursday, June 29, 2006

London Mayor fulfilling ‘gay dream’. At opposite ends of the spectrum from toad Howard

I get so depressed when I read homophobic quotes from John Howard on the front of the Sydney Star Observer and contrast these to headlines from London. Sadly I am missing Europride 2006 this year, but will reply on my brother to report all (if he makes it past the Queens Head that is). I will however be in Manchester for Manchester Pride 2006 in late August.

Gay campaigners praised the London Mayor’s record on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights last night as around 250 dignitaries gathered at City Hall for the annual pride reception
28-June-2006 Marc Shoffman

Gay campaigners praised the London Mayor’s record on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights last night as around 250 dignitaries gathered at City Hall for the annual pride reception.

The event celebrated this weekend’s EuroPride parade in London and was addressed by gay campaigners, celebrities and sponsors.

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay charity Stonewall attributed the success of enacting civil partnerships legislation to Mr Livingstone’s London based partnership register, he said: “It’s been a quality year for LGBT people in this country, I didn’t think in my lifetime I would see couples signing up for civil partnerships, to secure exactly the same rights and entitlements as straight people derive from marriage.

“We would not have been able to persuade the government if we hadn’t been able to look at what Ken has done with his partnership register in London.

“Civil partnership has changed the lives of a single boy such as myself for whom no one as yet has popped the question.

“If Christmas came early for us it also came twice, with the support of campaigning organisations and trade unions we also secured changes to the Equality Act which will provide us at last with protection against discrimination in the provision of goods and services.

He highlighted the problems of homophobia which still exist in society such as the murder of gay barman Jody Dobrowski and recent violence in Moscow and Warsaw as well as bullying in schools, which a new Stonewall scheme, Education For All, will soon address, “We come across almost daily cases of homophobic bullying in school, cases that have festered over the years.

“Not long ago we heard from a young girl aged 14 who had told a teacher that she was a lesbian, ever since then she has been forced to sit outside the changing rooms before and after games lessons until the “normal” children have finished.

“We have a dream of a Britain and a world where one day every person will not only be entitled to fair treatment and respect but will be afforded fair treatment and respect too

Brothers in Wales At least one of us will be at Europride 2006 (not me)

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Gay news for the Queer Australian

Boo Hoo takes down AFL hunks

Angelic Paul Licuria
Paul Licuria is a news item in Sydney Morning Herald as it is asked to take down offending pictures of Footy Players.

It's called and it's got the AFL Players' Association's knickers in a knot.
Bachelor of the Year nominee, Ryan O'Keefe with friend The gay footy fan website, which features pictures of Aussie Rules superstars like Chris Judd, Brodie Holland and Ryan O'Keefe, was threatened with legal action unless it took down images of players in "socially embarrassing position[s]". One image showed Shannon Grant in the shower from the chest up. Scandalous!

The site has taken the "offending" images down but continues to run an aptly-named Best Looking and Fairest competition.

So what's behind the Players' Association's action? Is it homophobia or does the Players' Association have a point?

At first I thought it was the former. I wondered if the same images appeared on a website run by heterosexual women, would the Players' Association have been so heavy-handed?

Apparently they would be. The association's president, Brendan Gale, told the ABC today he would "absolutely" have taken the same action against a straight-themed website.

Luke Ablett!

He said was running nude images of players that breached their privacy.

Homophobes often attack AFL. There's plenty who get on this blog and dub it GAYFL. I remember when I used to play Aussie Rules as a kid in Sydney, my Rugby Union-centric schoolmates called me a "poofter" because AFL shorts were so small and tight.

Thankfully this move by the Players' Association does not seem to be founded in the same deep-rooted fear about what other people think of their sexuality.

In other news,'s sexiest player poll has 64 players left in the running, including four Swans - Luke Ablett, Ryan O'Keefe, Tadhg Kennelly and Josh Willoughby.

The Slog is running its own version - who is the sexiest Swan? Here are photos of every Swan.
Do you reckon it's Cleo's Bachelor of the Year nominee, Ryan O'Keefe? Maybe you like Jude "Do-it-for-Delta" Bolton's blonde locks? And what about Captain Kirk's rock-star looks and Big Bad Bazza's tattoo?

My two cents worth - if Footy Players appear naked in pin up calendars then they can surely expect to be oogled over in Gay Sites. Look at the French Rugby Calendar (whoa)!

I for sure will be tempted to post MORE footy players for sure! Gay news for the Queer Australian

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ricardo Kaka Brazilian Soccer Hottie 5

World Cup Gay Soccer Hero Kaká World Cup Gay Soccer Hero Kaká World Cup Gay Soccer Hero Kaká World Cup Gay Soccer Hero Kaká Kaká made his international debut in January 2002 against Bolivia. He was a part of the national squad at the 2002 World Cup, but did not see much action even as Brazil won the World Championship, playing just 19 minutes of a first round match against Costa Rica. As a team Brazil was not that good on its first match but he was! He was the hero of the match and Croatia's poor goalie had nothing to do on the 44th was Kaká with his great style. He was everywhere on the field and surely he was the hottest.We think he's the best and the cutest player in entire World Cup 2006(yes he's even hotter then Cristiano!!).Now we're hardly waiting for the next match of Brazil and you should wait for that too...while waiting take a look at how great he was on the field...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup Soccer Stars 3 Michael Owen (England)

World Cup Soccer Stars 3 Michael Owen (born December 14, 1979 in Chester, Cheshire) is an English football player, currently playing for Newcastle United. He has also played for Liverpool and Real Madrid. He plays as a striker, and is noted particularly for his speed, acceleration and clinical finishing. He has enjoyed a hugely successful and high-profile career at both club and international level and was the European Footballer of the Year in 2001.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Blogging from Delhi

Pink Taj Mahal I havent been blogging for a week a I have been totally preoccupied with being in India. Since last weekend, I have been in one of the high tech sectors of India, Noida Delhi, three hours from the Pink Taj Mahal - testament to love.

I was actually in Delhi last year for a holiday, or rather in Rajhastan but passing through Delhi on the way back from the Taj Mahal.

Some of the middle class Delhi guys here have been sharing their experiences of Delhi changing in the 21 century, particulary with respect to their arranged marriages, divorce and the sexual freedom of the west.

Culturally speaking, India with its thousands of years of history, things seemed to have changed more in the past five years than the previous 3000. There is no evidence of any gay bars in downtown Delhi, not that hangin about in bars in a predominantly Hindu society, is the thing to do. However the adoption of interest in the world cup and of all things current in the US, leads me to suspect the first "Stonewall" isnt that far away.

Downtown Noida has a mega plex showing English language (ie US) movies, TGIFs, Ruby Tuesdays and half a dozen restaurants which look familiar from my last trip the US.

At 42 degress I dont thing there will be a 'leather' bar like Manacle here for quite a while yet though

Sunday, June 18, 2006

World Cup Hunks 2 Steven Gerrard (England)

World Cup Hunk Steven Gerrard (England) World Cup Hunk Steven Gerrard (England)
World Cup Hunk Steven Gerrard (England)
World Cup Hunk Steven Gerrard (England)

Steven George Gerrard (born 30 May 1980) is an English football player with Liverpool F.C. He is widely regarded as one of the best and the most complete midfield players in the world,[1] and became the second youngest captain (after Didier Deschamps) ever to lift the European Cup when Liverpool won the competition in 2005.

And not afraid of showing is ass! Gay news for the Queer Australian

Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup Soccer Hunks - Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Icon World Cup Soccer Portugal Towleroad favorite Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating after the win and getting a special congrats from coach Luiz Felipe Scolari. It's always wise to wear clean underwear, just in case you happen to win a football match. Thanks for the hand, coach.

Cristiano Ronaldo in a Pepe jeans ad - Es un hombre muy guapo! Cristiano Ronaldo Pepe jeans

Anger as gay civil union ban upheld

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell has lashed out at the Senate decision to reject a move to overturn the federal ban on civil union laws, describing it homophobic. Senators today voted 32-30 to reject the motion which would have reversed the federal government's ban on the ACT law.

"I am disappointed by the decision, but not surprised,'' Mr Corbell said. "It is a homophobic decision.''

Mr Corbell supported the historic decision of Liberal senator Gary Humphries to cross the floor.

"I welcome his decision to support the right of the territory to make laws that affect our community.''

The ACT will now look to create a new act, but Mr Corbell warned it will not be watering down the intention of the original law. "It's still our intention to give the same level of recognition provided for in the Civil Unions Act,'' Mr Corbell said. The ban on the ACT's civil unions law remains in place after Labor and the minor parties lost their bid in the Senate to reverse it.

Senators voted 32-30 to reject a motion which would have disallowed a regulation signed yesterday by Governor-General Michael Jeffery at the instigation of Attorney General Philip Ruddock. That allowed the federal government to exert its constitutional power to overturn the ACT civil unions legislation.

ACT Liberal senator Gary Humphries crossed the floor to vote with the opposition and minor parties against his own colleagues. That made him the first Liberal senator to vote against the government in its 10 years in office.

However Family First Senator Steve Fielding voted with the government, giving it the numbers to comfortably defeat the motion.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Best Actor Award: Richard Griffiths

For us, last night was dedicated to Entourage and Tourgasm. But we hear this was a little awards show last night, too. Something called the .. Tony's? Why yes, of course! You think we snatch up free theatre tickets from publicists and then stop caring about Broadway? Certainly not.

Last night's top winner, much to our surprise, was The History Boys, a British import that we had the pleasure of seeing during previews. The History Boys picked up six awards, including best actor, which went to Richard Griffiths (and was presented by Broadway dud Julia Roberts). Across the stage, Jersey Boys and The Drowsy Chaperone also led the pack with four and five awards each, respectively.

Meanwhile, Oprah's The Color Purple, up for 11 nominations, snagged only one: LaChanze for best actress-musical. Harry Connick Jr.'s The Pajama Game didn't go home empty handed, and neither did Rabbit Hole star Cynthia Nixon, who picked up the best actress-play Tony. Now all she needs is an Oscar.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Superman is NOT Gay but Batwoman Is a Lesbian

Brandon Routh as Superman How gay is Superman? I mean, the tights, the fashion-forward color palate, the clearly expensive hair cut and necessary care products. Come on. Oh wait, did my saying that make you want to shoot me as much as it made me want to shoot myself?
Since Superman's homo or not? is that okay to say? really, we need to know how to brand this shit status is of the utmost importance, the LA Times has devoted 1,300 words to this valuable topic. Leaving no potentially GAY stone unturned.

No one at Warner Bros suggests that Superman in "Superman Returns" is, in fact, gay. But, as several entertainment and cultural writers have noted, superheroes hold obvious — and since Queer As Folk, growing — gay appeal.

In addition to being strikingly good-looking, the characters often are portrayed as alienated outsiders, typically leading double lives. In the case of Superman, the puny wimpy schoolboy is transformed into a beefcake character wearning lycra and designer underwear and is seen running around the city in a skin-tight suit.. Hmmmmm.
Superman is a Gay hero Superman is a Gay hero Superman is a Gay hero Superman is a Gay hero

Historically Superman attracts gorgeous women but has struggled with romance. Hmmmmm. And for a career choice, the alter ego is a caring nuturing, save the pussy cat type guy, seeking solace and counselling from his favourtie "uncle".

So say what you like but for me Superman is gay and gay men like him because of his bod, his suit, his bulge, his sensitivity and because he's a strong, silent, outsider type.

Warner Bros. declined to comment. But the studio is reaching out to some gay moviegoers. Warners has bought "Superman Returns" advertising time on Logo, a year-old digital cable channel in 20 million homes that calls itself "the channel for Gay America."

Director Bryan Singer is an out-of-the-closet gay man in Hollywood, Kevin Spacey has long been rumored to be gay, and there's now rumors that new Superman Brandon Routh is also gay. So in a couple months, Superman Returns might be the biggest gay film of all time.

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Brandon Routh has an enourmous package
Batwoman as a socialite lesbian

Superman Brandon Routh is giving movie chiefs a mighty headache — with his supersize LUNCHBOX.

Hollywood executives have ordered the makers of Superman Returns to cover up the rookie actor’s blockbuster bulge.
According to the British tabloid The Sun, Warner Bros. is concerned with the size of actor Brandon Routh's cod-piece in the new Superman film. I know that there was much discussion during pre-production as to the size of Superman's package, but that was seemingly all settled.

An insider said last night: “It’s a major issue for the studio. Brandon is extremely well endowed and they don’t want it up on the big screen. We may be forced to erase his package with digital effects.” Okay, its not Queer As Folk and Superman Returns WILL NOT be the gay superhero movie. It's only 2006, lets not get ahead of ourselves here.

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Brandon Routh has an enourmous package
Batwoman as a socialite lesbian

Goodbye Portugal ,Goodbye Ronaldo

Goodbye Portugal ,Goodbye Ronaldo


Luis Figo and Zidane exchanging their sweaty shirts after the game, goodbye Portugal and goodbye to the sexy Cristiano Ronaldo :-(


But BRAVO la France … Thierry Henry is looking good, Allez La France (Thanks

Gay news for the Queer Australian

Quarter-final - France v Portugal
Digg it : source : at Techstickle Gay News and Views from and for Queer Aussies

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I sent a complaint to the BBC about Chris Moyles

Re my previous post Pissed Off at Aunty Beeb I sen the following complaint to the BBC:

I am writing to object about Chris Moyles derogatory use of the word 'gay' on his radio show. If the work 'black' or any other ethnic minority word was substituted, there would be (justifiable) outrage. Because young people have adopted the word 'gay' as a deregatory remark, does not mean this should be perpetuated on the BBC.

Although this has now receive worldwide publicity, I would like to register my compaint on the subject.
Today, I received a reply back from the BBC

Thank you for your e-mail. I note your concerns over the Governors' findings on Chris Moyles' use of the word 'gay'.

I acknowledge the strength of your dissatisfaction with these findings but I would reiterate the following points. The Governors? Programme Complaints Committee decided that Chris Moyles had not deliberately set out to offend gay people. He was using the contemporary usage of the word - meaning 'rubbish' - which would be familiar to Radio 1 listeners.

But importantly, they also acknowledged that this usage could be offensive, and for this reason advised that more thought should be given in future before using the word. So while it considered the broadcast to be within the guidelines, it did also say that "it would be advisable to think more carefully about using the word 'gay' in its derogatory sense in the future, given the multiple meanings of the word in modern usage and the potential to cause unintended offence.

I trust that I have been able to address some of your concerns. Please be assured that I have included your comments in the daily audience log. This internal document is made available to Radio 1 production teams, BBC policy makers and senior management.

Thank you for taking the time to contact BBC Information.

If you think that GAY=BAD should be acceptable English then I encourage you to complain to the BBC too:

Anne Lavan

Friday, June 09, 2006

Gay Wedding Bill: embarassing defeat to President Bush

Homophobic Bush The ammendment failed thus delivering an embarassing defeat to President Bush and Republicans who hoped to use the measure as a way to energize conservative voters on Election Day.

Supporters of the ammendment knew they wouldn't achieve the two-thirds vote needed to approve a constitutional amendment, but they had predicted a gain in votes over the last time the issues was proposed just before the 2004 elections. Instead, they lost one vote for the amendment in a procedural test tally that ended up 49-48.

Supporters lost two key voters this time from Sen. Judd Gregg, R-New Hampshire., who has changed his mind since 2004, and another from Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Nebraska, who did not vote this time because he was traveling with Bush.

According to an ABC News, the majority of Americans define marriage as a union of a man and a woman, as the proposed amendment does; however an equal majority opposes amending the Constitution on this issue, the poll found.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

ACT Gay unions could be fortnight away

GAY couples will be able to say "I do" in Canberra within two weeks, after the ACT yesterday fast-tracked its civil union laws in defiance of the Commonwealth's decision to scuttle them. [That is unless Ruddock and Howard try to intervene] ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell said the Government would reduce the notification period for people wishing to enter into civil unions, to enable ceremonies to begin within a fortnight.

The new laws — which would entitle same-sex couples to the same rights as married couples under ACT law, such as rights to property in the event of a relationship break-up and power of attorney — were intended to come into effect on August 1. However Mr Corbell last night said the commencement date would be brought forward after Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said he would ask the Governor-General to disallow the laws on August 1, to "defend the fundamental institution of marriage".

"This may be in defiance of the Federal Government's announcement but we believe our law is valid and that it does not impinge on any Commonwealth legislation," Mr Corbell said. He said the Federal Government's decision was "unacceptable and undemocratic" and it was important ordinary Canberrans be given the opportunity as soon as possible to be part of a civil union.

"This step will allow Canberrans in same-sex relationships to enter into a civil union and to show the Howard Government their support for the legislation," Mr Corbell said.

Bracks rejects gay marriage push

June 08, 2006 VICTORIAN Premier Steve Bracks has rejected a push to allow gay civil unions in the state. Independent MP Andrew Olexander is drafting a private member's Bill on gay unions and hopes to table it in Parliament before the November state election. The Bill would need support from Labor – which controls both Houses – to be debated in Parliament.

Steve Bracks anti Gay Weddings Mr Bracks said his Government had already done much to remove discrimination against gays in state laws.

But he said he was not interested in supporting the gay union move, at least in the lead-up to this year's state poll. "That is not a matter on our agenda," he said. Instead his Government was "concentrating on the things which we believe are important" including improved services, the economy and quality of life, he said.

Mr Olexander, an Upper House MP and former Liberal, said it was up to Labor whether his Bill would even be debated. "That's the subject of a petition which is being circulating widely by myself and others right around Victoria," he told ABC Radio today.

The return of Batwoman - as a lesbian socialite

By Maxine Frith, Social Affairs Correspondent Published: 30 May 2006

Fifty years after she first graced the pages of a comic book, Batwoman is to return to the world of superheroes - as a lesbian socialite. After an absence of almost 30 years and following months of feverish speculation among fans of the genre, Batwoman will make an appearance in the July issue of a comic called 52, produced by the legendary publishers DC Comics.

Her real identity is Kathy Kane, described as a "lesbian socialite by night and a crime fighter by later in the night." Kathy Kane was also the name of the original Batwoman's alter ego, created in 1956. Batwoman Kathy Kane She became Batman's ally in his fight against evil but was always in his shadow, merely making occasional appearances in the comic named after him.

In her initial incarnation, she was hardly a feminist icon - she was never given her own comic, carried a handbag, and spent time with her niece Batgirl swooning over Batman and his sidekick Robin. The first Kathy was killed off in 1979 -murdered by an assassin. But in a world where parallel universes exist and people have X-ray eyes, anything is possible - including Batwoman's reincarnation.

The New York Times reported at the weekend that Batwoman would return to52, a comic launched this month that features a number of superheroes, including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. No one has seen the new Batwoman, although it is known that her past includes a romantic liaison with Renee Montoya, a lesbian former police detective who has also starred in the 52 comic.

A spokesman for the lesbian and gay pressure group Stonewall said: "I think anything that promotes diversity is a very good thing and we welcome the introduction of characters like this. "A lot of lesbians and gay men are fans of these comics and it is good that the publishers are beginning to recognise that, and feature people who reflect the society we live in. "Lesbians and gay men may also identify with the genre because comic book characters are often misfits who are left on the margins of society and have to fight to be accepted."

According to The New York Times, the re-invention of Batwoman is part of a wider attempt by the comic book industry to feature more people from different minority groups in tales of derring-do by much-loved superheroes. DC Comics is re-launching Blue Beetle, formerly a white hero, as a Mexican teenager with mystical powers. And Marvel Comics, DC's great rivals, have introduced the character Luke Cage to its best-selling New Avengers; he is a black street-fighter who last month married his white girlfriend.

But while DC may be embracing diversity when it comes to its heroines, it appears it is rather more protective of its male characters' sexuality. Last year the company took legal action against a New York art gallery that housed an exhibition of watercolours featuring Batman and Robin in "intimate" positions. The popularity of adaptation films featuring comic book heroes, such as X-Men, Batman Begins and The Fantastic Four, has revived an industry that was previously in decline, and provided new material. Sales are now increasing by 25 per cent annually, and the adult comic sector is worth £5.5m a year.

With This Ring Magazine

As Australian government becomes MORE HOMOPHOBIC, over the puddle in the US the Worlds first Gay Wedding Magazine is launched.

"With This Ring magazine ( is a first-of-its-kind effort to produce a magazine that puts all weddings -- and their communities -- on an equal footing. 'For Every Kind of Wedding,' this new magazine caters to wide audience, from gay and lesbian weddings, to interfaith and interracial weddings, to destination weddings, with the ultimate goal of moving all these various "categories" of weddings into the mainstream, and making them part of a common discussion.

Gay Weddings The goal of With This Ring is to be a magazine for every kind of wedding -- straight, gay, black, white, in a church, or on a beach. All weddings are romantic at their core, and this magazine celebrates that common romantic essence.

Beyond a simple magazine, it will become the flagship for a movement -- a rallying point for a vocal community of forward-thinking, modern people who believe that weddings deserve to be celebrated, in all their variety."

Gay Days event was big success, organizer says

My friends Graeme and Klime are over in Florida, whooping it up at Gay Days Disneyland Gay extravaganza. If my memory serves me correctly Disneyland was pretty gay on a "regular" week of the year. When I went with my boyfriend in 1987, a cute guy jumped into our (2 seater) car just before we entered "The Undersea World" ride and fondled us for the next four and a half minutes.

It turned out that he was staff (Treasure Island) and invited us down for free coktails to his bar. Friendly lot the (gay) Americans. Orange Blossom Trail was pretty good fun on Halloween and the party at the Mansion (or Whitehouse or something) was pretty awsome. Anyway, lets wait and see what happend to Graeme and Klime.

Gay Days

Attractions and hotels are expecting a boost in crowds this week after Tuesday night's kickoff of Gay Days in Orlando. Organizers estimate a record 140,000 gays and lesbians will be in town for the 16th annual gathering, which has grown a worldwide reputation with six days of events that largely center on Walt Disney World.

While Disney, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando don't officially sponsor the events, they welcome the crowds.

"We've always seen more people in the parks during Gay Days, and we expect the same this year," Universal spokesman Tom Schroder said. "It's a great weekend for the city of Orlando and the community, in national attention and bringing business. There's no question we'll see more people in our theme parks and see more people staying in our hotels." The gay and lesbian travel market is valued at about $50 billion nationwide, according to David Paisley, project manager at Community Marketing Inc., which publishes Gay Travel News.

"The Orlando event has become a huge event over the past decade, one of the most popular gay and lesbian festivals in the country," Paisley said.

To show their social and economic clout, participants traditionally wear red shirts at the events, which are expected to pump $100 million into the local economy.

Chris Alexander-Manley, vice president of sales and marketing for Gay Days Inc., said exhibitor space at the event's expo at the Royal Plaza Hotel near Disney sold out faster than ever before.

The main event takes place Saturday at Disney's Magic Kingdom when more than 60,000 red-shirt-wearing Gay Days participants are expected at the park. There are several events planned throughout the day such as the 1 p.m. Lesbian Express ride around the park on the Walt Disney World Railroad.

The gathering also features Johnny Chisholm's One Mighty Weekend, a series of nighttime parties at the theme parks.

Disney tends to downplay Gay Days as just another large group of people who choose to come to the theme parks, and pay to hold a few private parties while they're there. Disney offers no official sponsorship and does not have any specific ticket packages for the event, though it becomes the unofficial host. "While we're not a sponsor of the event, we're certainly open to it every day," Walt Disney World spokeswoman Kim Prunty said. "It's just like with any private promoter, a private group, who would like to use our facilities."

While Gay Days organizers are steering attendees to Disney parks most days of the event, they have designated Friday for SeaWorld as well as Disney-MGM Studios. Universal has been excluded from the official lineup this year because the company didn't approach the group, Alexander-Manley said. Last year Universal was an official sponsor, and Schroder said it went well.

"We thought things went fine last year, and we're always happy to talk to people about new business," he said. SeaWorld spokeswoman Becca Bides said the marine park also expects a jump in attendance as a result of the event.

"Obviously, you have a very large group, enjoying all the major attractions in the city," she said. "SeaWorld, as one of the theme parks, we do receive attendance."

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pissed Off at Aunty Beeb

Homophobic Chris Moyles BBC Chris Moyles on BBC Radion One recently called a ringtone "GAY" as a derogatory remark. Well we proudly have many ringtones which are GAY at MenOnMobile, the site I built for the company I work for, MobileActive, including Little Britain, Boyfriend alert.....

However, when a 5-year-old calls another boy on the monkey bars a "fag," it might still be offensive. But calling him "gay?" Not as bad, according to the BBC Board of Governors, which has taken the surprising step in associating the slang usage of "gay" as to mean "rubbish."

A listener complained after Chris Moyles dismissed a ringtone by saying on his Radio 1 breakfast show: “I don’t want that one, it’s gay.”

little britain The complainant argued that the use of the word gay in this context was homophobic. The governors said, however, that Moyles was simply keeping up with developments in English usage.

The programme complaints committee noted: “The word ‘gay’, in addition to being used to mean ‘homosexual’ or ‘carefree’, was often now used to mean ‘lame’ or ‘rubbish’. This is a widespread current usage of the word amongst young people.”

The committee, which consists of five BBC governors, including the former Royal Ballet dancer Deborah Bull, was “familiar with hearing this word in this context”.

Troubling? Absolutely. Whenever someone outside a cultural group adopts such a charged term to apply a derogatory meaning, it's a step backward. There's plenty of debate within minority communities – whether gay, black, or physically disabled – on whether offensive words should even be used within their community, let alone by anyone else. But an outsider throwing around "gay" to mean something patently unsavory — because "young people" deem it okay? We shouldn't even have to raise the argument about anyone but people of color using the word "nigger."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Gay marriage to be outlawed in Australia

Australia's conservative government will overrule same sex marriage laws in the nation's capital, Prime Minister John Howard said on Tuesday (6 June 2006), saying marriage should only be between men and women.

Howard's move, which mirrors the push by U.S. President George W. Bush to outlaw gay marriage across the United Sates, follows new laws by the self-governing Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to allow same-sex unions.

National laws in Australia say a marriage must be between a man and woman at the exclusion of all others, but the ACT laws would have given gay couples the same legal rights as married couples by describing the marriages as "civil unions". "Our view is very simple. We are not prepared to accept something which is a plain attempt to equate civil unions with marriage," Howard told reporters.

Mr Ruddock said, even with amendments to the civil union laws designed to address the federal government's concerns, the ACT was being deliberately confrontational.

"This issue could have been dealt with in a way that was not deliberately as confrontational as it was," he said.

His ACT counterpart, Simon Corbell, said the federal government was "homophobic". Bush wants the U.S. Senate to pass a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage after several state courts since 2003 ruled that state legislatures did not have the right to ban it.

Canada became the fourth country to legalise same-sex marriage in mid-2005 but the new conservative government will allow a free vote in parliament to decide whether the laws should be overturned.

Australia's centre-left Labour opposition said Howard was wrong to intervene over laws passed by the democratically elected ACT government, which administers the nation's capital Canberra.

"The law should recognise caring and loving relationships," Labour spokeswoman Nicola Roxon said, adding that gay couples continued to be discriminated against in areas such as pensions, tax and health and welfare benefits.

Guide to Same Sex Marriage in Australia - Wikipedia

Monday, June 05, 2006

Lesbians sue British Government over Canadian Wedding

(London) Celia Katzinger and Sue Wilkinson are taking the British government to court to have their Canadian marriage recognized in the UK. Both women are university professors and were living in British Columbia when they married in 2003, shortly after same-sex marriage became legal in the Canadian province.

When they returned to Britain they applied to have their marriage registered but were refused. British heterosexual couples who marry abroad are automatically considered to be married in the UK. Their attorney will argue in the High Court next week that by not recognizing the couple's marriage the government is discriminating against the women and violating their human rights.

Katzinger and Wilkinson were told they could have their relationship registered under Britain's civil partnership law. Although it offers the same rights and responsibilities as marriage "it is not marriage," Katzinger says. "There is no difference in formal, legal or financial terms between marriage and a civil partnership so we are not disadvantaged in that sense," said Wilkinson. "It is the principle that matters."

The case will center on whether British law breaches the European law by treating gay couples different to heterosexuals. If they win it would not open same-sex marriage for gay and lesbian couples in the UK. The case is strictly limited to British same-sex couples who live abroad, marry, and then return to Britain.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bush To Promote Gay Marriage Ban

President Will Push For Amendment Banning Same Sex Marriage
Quote: "The president firmly believes that marriage is an enduring and sacred institution between men and women and has supported measures to protect the sanctity of marriage." White House spokesman Ken Lisaius

(AP) President Bush will promote a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on Monday, the eve of a scheduled Senate vote on the cause that is dear to his conservative backers. flatulent pusbag lying sack of shit assfaced fuckhead The amendment would prohibit states from recognizing same-sex marriages. To become law, the proposal would need two-thirds support in the Senate and House, and then be ratified by at least 38 state legislatures.

It stands little chance of passing the 100-member Senate, where proponents are struggling to get even 50 votes. Several Republicans oppose the measure, and so far only one Democrat, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, says he will vote for it.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the amendment on May 18 along party lines after a shouting match between a Democrat and the chairman, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa. He bid Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., "good riddance" after Feingold declared his opposition to the amendment and his intention to leave the meeting.

Bush aides said he would be making his remarks on the subject Monday. A slim majority of Americans oppose gay marriage, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press from March. But the poll also showed attitudes are changing: 63 percent opposed gay marriage in February 2004.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Big Brother 6 Whose Dick is Whose?

Big Brother 6 Whose Dick is Whose
Answers comming soon....

Big Brother Boys Popularity Poll

Dino - 22.3%
Jamie - 22.3%
David - 16.5%
Ashley - 15.9%
Gaelan - 10.2%
Michael - 8%
John - 3.6%
Robert - 1.4%

David Big Brother Ashley Big Brother Jamie Big Brother
Dino Big Brother Michael Big Brother Gaelan Big Brother
David Big Brother John Big Brother Rob Big Brother