Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Flower Service

As workmen begin installing the flowers for the Prince William and Catherine Middleton's Royal wedding, uur friends at The Garden Party Flower Service launched a new Flower Service today at Head over and take a look.
I'll be damned... Look what I gotImage by shannonpatrick17 via Flickr
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Friday, April 15, 2011

One Direction Gay Ad for Nintendo

Those One Direction guys are so metro-sexual with their tactile hugging and playfulness. They are toally surrounded by those One Direction Gay rumours. Irrespective of that, just like JLS they have an advertising deal with Nintendo! The only trouble with this is, they haven't released any music yet. The same thing happened with JEdward - thankGod they didn't release any music.

Getting an ad deal with Nintendo is really basically because they are famous for being an X-Factor contestant and of course for being cute, popular..... They are also at the top of their career (to date) and may have signed up for peanuts. JEdward allegedly earned £3 in their first year from PAs and advertising deals.

Anyway they are definitely getting cuter since they appeared on the X-factor?

Do you think One Direction deserve an ad deal with Nintendo?

Do you think One Direction are getting cuter?

Comments please

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