Sunday, June 11, 2006

Superman is NOT Gay but Batwoman Is a Lesbian

Brandon Routh as Superman How gay is Superman? I mean, the tights, the fashion-forward color palate, the clearly expensive hair cut and necessary care products. Come on. Oh wait, did my saying that make you want to shoot me as much as it made me want to shoot myself?
Since Superman's homo or not? is that okay to say? really, we need to know how to brand this shit status is of the utmost importance, the LA Times has devoted 1,300 words to this valuable topic. Leaving no potentially GAY stone unturned.

No one at Warner Bros suggests that Superman in "Superman Returns" is, in fact, gay. But, as several entertainment and cultural writers have noted, superheroes hold obvious — and since Queer As Folk, growing — gay appeal.

In addition to being strikingly good-looking, the characters often are portrayed as alienated outsiders, typically leading double lives. In the case of Superman, the puny wimpy schoolboy is transformed into a beefcake character wearning lycra and designer underwear and is seen running around the city in a skin-tight suit.. Hmmmmm.
Superman is a Gay hero Superman is a Gay hero Superman is a Gay hero Superman is a Gay hero

Historically Superman attracts gorgeous women but has struggled with romance. Hmmmmm. And for a career choice, the alter ego is a caring nuturing, save the pussy cat type guy, seeking solace and counselling from his favourtie "uncle".

So say what you like but for me Superman is gay and gay men like him because of his bod, his suit, his bulge, his sensitivity and because he's a strong, silent, outsider type.

Warner Bros. declined to comment. But the studio is reaching out to some gay moviegoers. Warners has bought "Superman Returns" advertising time on Logo, a year-old digital cable channel in 20 million homes that calls itself "the channel for Gay America."

Director Bryan Singer is an out-of-the-closet gay man in Hollywood, Kevin Spacey has long been rumored to be gay, and there's now rumors that new Superman Brandon Routh is also gay. So in a couple months, Superman Returns might be the biggest gay film of all time.

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