Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gay Catholics denied communion in Minnesota

Minnesota: The Rev. Michael Sklucazek, a Roman Catholic priest, denied communion to more than 100 gays and lesbians on Sunday,...[Date: 16-May-05 ]

International gay pride event in Jerusalem cancelled

World Pride, which was scheduled to be held in Jerusalem this August, was recently postponed due to Prime Minister...[Date: 16-May-05 ]

Gay marriage supported in Massachusetts Democratic platform

Massachusetts Democrats approved a platform supporting same-sex marriage at the state party convention this wekeend. The party's full platform...[Date: 16-May-05 ]

Justin Timberlake gets gay on Will and Grace

According to Digital Spy, Justin Timberlake is reportedly going to be playing a gay love-interest on three upcoming episodes...[Date: 16-May-05 ]

Bisexual Rebecca Loos and Abi Titmuss turn up the heat on Celebrity Love Island

UK Celebrity Love Island star Abi Titmuss promised this weekend to bed the bisexual Rebecca Loos, pictured. The Sunday...[Date: 16-May-05 ]

Transsexual golfer Mianne Bagger is out to improve her game

Transsexual Mianne Bagger had to fight hard to gain the right to be accepted as a legitimate competitor on...[Date: 16-May-05 ]

Drag queen Wanda Wisdom wakes your ass up

Podcasting drag queen Wanda Wisdom has launched "a major offensive against world tardiness," offering her Lucky Bitch Radio listeners...[Date: 16-May-05 ]

Queer poet Ragan Fox keeps it real

Ragan Fox "is one of the most recognized queer voices in spoken word poetry," his work having appeared in...[Date: 16-May-05 ]

A few things I care about

The biggest AIDS demonstration in more than a decade hit Washington, D.C., more than a week ago, and for someone...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

A few things I care about

The biggest AIDS demonstration in more than a decade hit Washington, D.C., more than a week ago, and for someone...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

Monday, May 30, 2005

A few things I care about

The biggest AIDS demonstration in more than a decade hit Washington, D.C., more than a week ago, and for someone...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

A few things I care about

The biggest AIDS demonstration in more than a decade hit Washington, D.C., more than a week ago, and for someone...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

A few things I care about

The biggest AIDS demonstration in more than a decade hit Washington, D.C., more than a week ago, and for someone...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

A few things I care about

The biggest AIDS demonstration in more than a decade hit Washington, D.C., more than a week ago, and for someone...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

A few things I care about

The biggest AIDS demonstration in more than a decade hit Washington, D.C., more than a week ago, and for someone...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

Bill Whatcott fined $17K for inciting gay hatred

A Saskatchewan human rights tribunal ruled that Bill Whatcott, pictured, incited hatred against gays and lesbians and he's been...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

Chile under fire by rights groups for denying lesbian Karen Atala custody

Chile: The Chilean Supreme Court is being accused of Human Rights violations in denying lesbian and former judge Karen Atala...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

Ellen DeGeneres essay wins girl and school Westboro condemnation

Massachusetts: A 12-year-old Dracut school student won a Women in History essay writing contest. Her topic? Ellen DeGeneres. Phelps and...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

Yaffa Yarkoni - Israel's new gay icon

Israeli diva Yaffa Yarkoni, going on 80, sat back stage wearing a shiny white dress and tapping her fingers...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

Gay online cruising and a broken TV remote unearth bank robber

A broken TV remote control in a Montana motel room and an updated profile on a gay Web site led...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Gay Games sponsor Kraft Foods becomes target of hate

Kraft Foods' is sponsoring the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago and that's made them the target of hate from...[Date: 14-May-05 ]

Lesbian teen Laura Rhodes made suicide pact with friend

Laura Rhodes, 13, took an overdose of pills with a friend and an inquest into her death is calling...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Men say park rangers stopped them for driving while gay

Ohio: Dayton undercover cops are using questionable law enforcement tactics in that plainclothes officers approach gay men asking for sex,...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Gay campaign promises made by Mayor Clover Moore not worth much

Australia: Sydney's Mayor Clover Moore is busy breaking campaign promises made to the glbt community. Moore pledged to appoint a...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Gay park sex expose continues in Utah

Utah: KSL News went undercover in the Jordan River Parkway to expose men having clandestine sex with other men in...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Judge strikes down Nebraska gay marriage ban

U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon declared Nebraska's one-of-a-kind ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional today. Initiative 415 prevented gays and lesbians...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Claiming Nick Carter is gay brought Celebrity Justice

The impact of the blogosphere continues to get weirder with a blogspot blogger who claimed Backstreet Boy Nick Carter...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Nebraska gay employment rights bill fails by two votes

Nebraska: A proposal that would have banned gay discrimination for state as well as state funded employees fell two votes...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Gay tolerance posters upsets intolerant Troy High School parents

Michigan: A Troy High School classroom poster that reads "gay people are everyday people" has these homophobic suburban Detroit parents...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Transgender rodeo champ Annabell Quor wants her sex change

New Zealand: Annabell Victoria Quor, a retired 68-year-old sheep shearer and rodeo champion, wants a sex change. "I've always hated...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Gay Senator Jarrett Barrios makes gay marriage ban ploy

Gay wedded Massachusetts state Senator Jarrett Barrios proposed a new measure that would place a constitutional ban on gay...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Erasing homophobia brings suspension for Howell High students

Hundreds of Howell High Schools students in Michigan held a sit-down demonstration to protest the suspensions of four classmates...[Date: 13-May-05 ]

Kerry Lofy fined $249 for wearing dress to Lake Geneva prom

Kerry Lofy figured that since girls get to wear dresses to Lake Geneva Badger High School's prom, why couldn't...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Gay lodging in San Francisco

If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. You also might want to...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Gay cheaters are Cheaters too

I must admit that I regularly tune in to witness what might very well be the absolute bottom of the...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Gay cheaters are Cheaters too

I must admit that I regularly tune in to witness what might very well be the absolute bottom of the...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Spain PM Zapatero defends gay marriage

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero defended a new law allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry in...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Gay cannibal Ralf M. gets thirteen years in prison

Ralf M., the latest German to stab and dismember a gay lover and store body parts in the fridge...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Mission conference in Greece a gay communist plot?

Greece: Organizers and attendees of the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism in Greece are dealing with protestors accusing them...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

North Carolina rally calls for gay marriage amendment

North Carolina: Several hundred people rallied at the state Capitol calling for a constitutional amendment that would place a ban...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Friday, May 27, 2005

Gay groups wants South African suburb renamed Gaycardia

South Africa: A gay and lesbian group supports the plan to change the city of Pretoria's name to Tshwane, but...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Joseph Camber's family suit against killer Chad Conyers brings small justice

Murdered gay activist Joseph Camber's family settled a wrongful death lawsuit with Chad Conyers, which pleases Queer Day great...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Indian lesbians make suicide pact before separation

India: Faced with the prospect of separation, two lesbian lovers in Kanpur tried to commit suicide. While one partner, Ranu...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Sylvia Guerrero educates others on transgender issues

California: Sylvia Guerrero, mother of murdered transgender teenager Gwen Araujo, is speaking out on how to the need for schools...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Transgender Kim Dower finally goes to work dressed appropriately

Colorado: King Soopers pharmacist Kim Dower can finally be herself. Last week, after a yearlong legal fight, the grocery chain...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Transamerica picked up by Weinstein Co for distribution

Weinstein Co. has picked up the rights to Transamerica, the film that netted a Best Actress award for Desperate...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Tarnrarin Chansawang, Miss Jumbo Queen 2005, tours Vietnam

Tarnrarin Chansawang, Miss Jumbo Queen 2005, along with ten other members the Tiffany's Show, Thailand's renowned transvestite and transsexual...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Legendary gender bending New York Dolls are back

The New York Dolls, the legendary cross-dressing proto-punk band, has re-grouped after a three-decade absence to play a show...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Sacramento State homophobic protest ends in assault charges

Sacramento State student Jason Storms of "A Call to Repentance Street Ministries" filed a battery charge with University Police...[Date: 12-May-05 ]

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Gay B-52's singer Fred Schneider hated high school

Page Six clued us in that B-52's singer Fred Schneider had a miserable time in high school. At Monday...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Marjorie Knoller's conviction reinstated, killer dogs mauled lesbian Diane Whipple

A California appeals court reinstated the second-degree murder conviction of Marjorie Knoller, the woman whose dogs fatally mauled lesbian...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

1805 North Carolina law makes shacking up illegal

North Carolina: While not queer specific, we can't believe 144,000 unmarried couples living together are breaking state law doing so...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Swedish Supreme Court reviews Ake Green's hate speech acquittal

Sweden: Sweden's Supreme Court is reviewing the acquittal of Pastor Ake Green who denounced gays and lesbians as "a deep...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Gay marriage ban rejected by California legislators

Two California legislative committees rejected a constitutional amendment that would have placed a ban on gay marriages, as well...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Lesbian Barbara Baier becomes Nebraska's first gay official

Voters in Lincoln elected what is believed to be Nebraska's first gay official with lesbian Barbara Baier winning 56...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Dick Cheney raises money for homophobic Musgrave

Colorado: Vice President Dick Cheney really isn't our friend. He's campaigning and raising big bucks for uber homophobe Rep. Marilyn...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Queer celebrities turn out for Kelly Osbourne

A sober Kelly Osbourne, psyched to be promoting her new album "Sleeping in the Nothing," is being embraced by...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Transsexual Mary Ann Obuch may sue her church

Oklahoma: Transsexual Mary Ann Obuch may sue her church for refusing to let her use the women's bathroom. "I am...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Camryn Manheim's lesbian hopes dashed

Actress Camryn Manheim thinks she fit the typical lesbian stereotype in her younger years and she had a desire...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gay Day at Dollywood evolves with two OUT at the Park events

Last year controversy struck Gay Day at Dollywood with KKK protesters and park officials and their attorneys stopping a...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Gay activists protest Marion County gay rights rejection

Indiana: Gay rights activists protested Marion County Council's rejection of a new human rights ordinance that would have banned gay...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Gay friendly policy adopted at Boston College

Massachusetts: Boston College, a Catholic University, adopted a more accepting hiring and admissions policy, stopping short of an outright ban...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Gay marriage issue returns this fall in Massachusetts

Massachusetts: Senator Robert E. Travaglini took steps toward convening a constitutional convention in the fall. He's co-sponsoring another constitutional amendment...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Gay life in Pakistan is not easy

Pakistan: Gay life in Pakistan isn't easy. Tariq says, "My life is a lie and I know it, but this...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Intersex teen stoned to death, possibly raped

Namibia: Intersex teen Nolan Jansen was stoned to death and may have been a rape victim, his body discovered with...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Cross dressing John Mayo's dismembered body identified

Near the Utah/Wyoming border, sawed-off human remains have been identified as that of John Mayo, a Salt Lake City...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Gay books to be removed from kids section at libraries

Oklahoma: The Oklahoma House passed a resolution asking public libraries to remove books with homosexual themes from children's sections. The...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

Queer singles night at SF Giants game sells out

"I was a Giants fan before I was a lesbian," said Dottie Ames, 62, one of about 250 fans...[Date: 11-May-05 ]

David Barton Gym hit with gay locker room sex lawsuit

New York City's high-end David Barton Gym in Chelsea has been slapped with a lawsuit claiming gay sex is...[Date: 10-May-05 ]

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Gay powerlifter Chris Morgan wins British Championship

Gay powerlifter Chris Morgan won his first British title this weekend taking first place in the British Championship Final....[Date: 10-May-05 ]

Emma Bowman: The blonde bombshell transsexual truck driver

UK: Transsexual lorry driver Emma Bowman notes it is unusual to find a woman in front of 30 tonnes of...[Date: 10-May-05 ]

Vietnam civil code policy drops transgender rights

Vietnam: Vietnam's revised civil code draft doesn't include the recognition of the right to have a sex change after all,...[Date: 10-May-05 ]

Thailand's transgender Tiffany's pageant crowns Tiptantree Rujiranon winner

Contestants in the Miss Tiffanys Universe 2005 transgender beauty pageant in Thailand came from all over Thailand and other...[Date: 10-May-05 ]

Gay brains respond differently to pheromones

New research from Sweden's National Academy of Sciences shows the brains of gay men respond more like those of...[Date: 10-May-05 ]

Gannongate revisted by Vanity Fair

Jeff Gannon's unrelentingly partisan, sycophantic shtick irritated some of the other reporters at White House press hearings. A few...[Date: 10-May-05 ]

Pasolini death may not be gay related at all

Paolo Pasolini, one of the greatest directors of Italian cinema, was murdered in 1975 in what has generally been...[Date: 10-May-05 ]

AIDS drugs were tested on foster children

USA: While not queer specifically, Queer Day is nevertheless extremely disturbed by news that Government-funded researchers tested AIDS drugs on...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Microsoft re-flip-flops on gay rights

Microsoft put itself squarely back in the gay-rights camp after taking some major heat for dropping its support for...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Transgender in the Twin Cities

Minnesota: Pulse takes a closer look at the lives of transgender people living in the Twin Cities, an area that...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Monday, May 23, 2005

Transgender in the Twin Cities

Minnesota: Pulse takes a closer look at the lives of transgender people living in the Twin Cities, an area that...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Transgender in the Twin Cities

Minnesota: Pulse takes a closer look at the lives of transgender people living in the Twin Cities, an area that...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Aya Kamikawa enjoys freedom of new transgender law in Japan

Aya Kamikawa, Japan's first transgender politician elected to public office, can finally start a new life officially recognized as...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Birger Westlund says gays are disturbed in their heads

Norway: Birger Westlund, a leader of the Norwegian Conservative Party is under fire for an e-mail he wrote saying that...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Retrial begins in murder of transgender teen Gwen Araujo

In June, jurors deliberated for over a week before announcing they were hopelessly deadlocked. Today the retrial begins in...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Opponents of same-sex marriage want county to pay their legal feels

Oregon: Opponents of same-sex marriage are calling on Multnomah County to reimburse their legal fees. The Defense of Marriage Coalition...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Gay adoption and foster care targeted in Ohio

Ohio: They succeeded in rewriting Ohio's constitution to keep same-sex marriage from happening. Now the same state lawmakers are pushing...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Homophobe vandalizes lesbian teen Kourtney Kellen's truck

Wyoming: In Pinedale, homophobic slurs were spray painted on Kourtney Kellen's pickup truck. The 16-year-old lesbian student recently had a...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Marin high school gay bashings a hoax

California: A 17-year-old top wrestler at Tamalpais High School in Marin County, California, faked the series of gay-bashing incidents we've...[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Castro Street becomes wireless hot spot

San Francisco: AnchorFree Wireless has launched a free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) hotzone in the heart of San Franciscos Castro District....[Date: 09-May-05 ]

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Homophobic Spokane Mayor Jim West caught in gay sex scandal

In Washington State, Jim West, the mayor of Spokane, championed an anti-gay agenda during his tenure as one of...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Church tells Spaniards to disobey gay marriage law

Spain: Spanish Roman Catholic bishops fired a new salvo in their war on gay marriage, commanding all Catholics to resist...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Kerry criticizes democratic support for gay marriage

Massachusetts: Former lame duck presidential candidate John Kerry criticized the Massachusetts Democratic Party for its expected approval of a statement...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Maine bill to outlaw gay abortion dismissed by both sides

Maine: Activists on both sides of the abortion debate finally found something to agree on - dismissing Rep. Brian Duprey's...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Brian Singer to direct Harvey Milk biopic The Mayor of Castro Street

Filmmaker Bryan Singer (X-Men) has been hired by Warner Bros. to direct "The Mayor of Castro Street," based on...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

World Pride postponed

Israel: After all the controversy, World Pride in Jerusalem has been postponed - rescheduled for August 18, to allow evacuation...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

World Pride postponed

Israel: After all the controversy, World Pride in Jerusalem has been postponed - rescheduled for August 18, to allow evacuation...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

World Pride postponed

Israel: After all the controversy, World Pride in Jerusalem has been postponed - rescheduled for August 18, to allow evacuation...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

World Pride postponed

Israel: After all the controversy, World Pride in Jerusalem has been postponed - rescheduled for August 18, to allow evacuation...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

World Pride postponed

Israel: After all the controversy, World Pride in Jerusalem has been postponed - rescheduled for August 18, to allow evacuation...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Saturday, May 21, 2005

World Pride postponed

Israel: After all the controversy, World Pride in Jerusalem has been postponed - rescheduled for August 18, to allow evacuation...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Judge rules in favor of ex-gays, issues school restraining order

Maryland: Remember the ex-gay federal lawsuit to stop the sex education curriculum? A judge ruled in their favor and issued...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

The L-Word's Jennifer Beals is pregnant

The L-Word's Jennifer Beals is pregnant according to People magazine. It's the first time the 41-year-old actress has been...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Angelina Jolie likes a woman with curves

Bisexual diva Angelina Jolie reveals in the latest issue of Vanity Fair that when it comes to the bedroom...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Real ID Act is bad politics for gays

The House today passed the Real ID Act and President Bush has pledged to sign it. That's not good for...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

FDA to ban gay sperm donors

USA: The Food and Drug Administration is about to implement new rules recommending that any man who has engaged in...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Killer Steven Kyles was out on bond for earlier shooting

Alabama: It looks like killer Steven Kyles was out of jail on a $5,000 bond for allegedly shooting into a...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Michael Kantaras' custody battle solved by Dr. Phil

The continuing battle between transgendered plaintiff Michael Kantaras and his former wife, Linda, may be near an end thanks...[Date: 07-May-05 ]

Chicago out to stop crystal meth use in gay community

Chicago: Chicago is launching a campaign to stop crystal meth use, especially in the gay community. The campaign appears to...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Chris Crain and boyfriend gay bashed in Amsterdam

Chris Crain was walking through central Amsterdam with his boyfriend holding hands when a man on the street deliberately...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Friday, May 20, 2005

New Jersey voters favor allowing gay marriage

New Jersey: A new poll in New Jersey shows 55 percent of New Jersey voters favor allowing same-sex couples to...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Canadian same-sex marriage bill clears second reading

Canada: The same-sex marriage bill easily passed its second reading in the Commons by a 164-137 vote, but there are...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Tax official says DC gay marrieds may not file jointly

Washington DC: Contrary to the Attorney General saying so, married same-sex couples may not file joint tax returns in the...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Ex-gays file federal lawsuit to stop school health curriculum

Maryland: A Virginia ex-gay group and other homophobes filed a federal lawsuit to block a six-school health curriculum that includes...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Fausto Gismondi wins gay worker discrimination suit

UK: Gay employee Fausto Gismondi accused his bosses at Durham's Gala Theater of taunting him over his sexuality, calling him...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Lesbian activist Nancy Ford uncovered

Lesbian activist Nancy Ford has found humor to be a strong ally in her efforts on behalf of the...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Queer filmmaker Gregg Araki talks about his Mysterious Skin

Queer director Gregg Araki (The Living End, Totally F****ed Up, The Doom Generation) is bringing Scott Heim's novel "Mysterious...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Transgender Brazoria inmate Mika Green's jail assault case thickens over semen sample

In Houston, Texas, Michael "Mika" Green, a male-to-female transgender inmate who was being held at Brazoria County Jail on...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Miami commissioner Arthur Teele in transsexual prostitute scandal

Immediately after former Miami City Commissioner Arthur Teele was sentenced to two years of probation for threatening a police...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

When South Beach drag queens ruled the world

"Somehow I just knew he would look great in a dress," Robert Desiderio pronounces, speaking about Shelley Novak, one...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Gender bender Azis elected Bulgarian political party honorary chairman

Bulgaria's main Roma-dominated political party has elected gender bending music idol Azis, pictured, to be its honorary chairman. The...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Beatles' Brian Epstein had gay affair with band member

While it isn't a big secret that the manager of the Beatles, Brian "Prick Up Your Ears" Epstein, was...[Date: 06-May-05 ]

Urbana approves partner registry thanks to bisexual alderwoman Danielle Chynoweth

In Illinois, the Urbana City Council officially passed an ordinance creating a domestic partner registry despite alderman Joe Whelan's...[Date: 05-May-05 ]

New Jersey voters still love McGreevey, who is loving up a Newsom aide?

Five months after Governor James McGreevey came out and resigned, a new public opinion poll shows that 49 percent...[Date: 05-May-05 ]

Manuel Fraga says gay marriage will worsen population problem

Veteran Spanish politician Manuel Fraga says that allowing gays and lesbians to marry would worsen Spain's ageing population problem....[Date: 05-May-05 ]

Massachusetts Democrats to endorse same-sex marriage

The Massachusetts Democratic Party plans to endorse same-sex marriage next week, just days before the first anniversary of legal gay...[Date: 05-May-05 ]

Leonard Pitts editorial links Hitler era to current climate

Michigan: Leonard Pitts doesn't only say that anti-gay laws are inhumane in his editorial, the comparisons between the rise of...[Date: 05-May-05 ]

London Mayor gives more money to support gay diversity

London: Mayor Ken Livingstone awarded gay pride organizers an extra 10,000 to be spent on an exhibition promoting black and...[Date: 05-May-05 ]

Sacramento state budget cuts only affect gays

California: At Sacramento State, the 2005-2006 Associated Students budget cut is only affecting one club. Yep, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender,...[Date: 05-May-05 ]

Steven Kyles confesses to Ashley Nickson murder

Steven Antonio Kyles, 19, has confessed to the slaying of Alonzo "Ashley" Nickson, 30. It seems that Kyles and Nickson...[Date: 05-May-05 ]

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mailbag: Lesbian mom not embraced by her sons

Hi Queer Day, I am a 60 year old lesbian whose kids are grown up. My sons have never accepted...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Gay marriage issue will not be on Colorado ballot

Colorado: Republicans failed to get a constitutional ban on gay marriage on the November ballot after opponents called it an...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Gay marriage challenge in Massachusetts will probably fail

Massachusetts: A Catholic activist's bid to put gay marriage in the state on hold will probably fail, his lawyer said...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Ralf M confesses attack inspired by gay cannibal Armin Miewes

In Berlin, Ralf M., 41, has confessed to killing a music teacher he met online in an attempt to...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Reitan family arrested at Soulforce Dobson rally

The Reitan family was arrested for trespassing at Focus on the Family headquarters on the second day of a...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Atlanta police investigate gay complaint

Atlanta: Police are conducting an internal investigation over allegations by five men wrongfully detained in Piedmont Park by two officers...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

New Paltz voters can gay marriage opponent Bob Hebel

New Paltz voters ousted 12-year incumbent Trustee Robert Hebel by a landslide, sending a clear message that the community...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Edmonton save marriage rally organized by scary people

More than 2,500 people gathered in Edmonton, Alberta to rally against gay marriage. "The time has come for the...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Gay marriage will rob Trinidad and Tobago of oil and gas

Apparently there is no separation of church and state in Trinidad and Tobago, not that there is much here...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Bisexual Megan Mullally to move from primetime to daytime

Openly bisexual actress Megan Mullally, famous for her portrayal of Karen on Will & Grace, will be staying with...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

America's bisexual model Michelle Deighton talks about coming out

Bisexual model Michelle Deighton who was just eliminated on UPN's "America's Next Top Model," came out on the show...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Harvard student John Smith tells his transsexual story

Massachusetts: In The Record, the independent newspaper at Harvard Law School, John Smith has written his lengthy story of transition...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Gay rights battles turn to home computers

Jackie Nytes was at her computer when the onslaught began: one e-mail message after another. Hundreds arrived criticizing her...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

New social options for queers in Iowa

Iowa: Iowa City's Carlton Blackburn was frustrated by the lack of options for queers outside the bar, so he started...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Taipei legislators wear high heels to call for gender law amendment

Democratic Progressive Party legislators Cheng Yun-peng (pictured) and Huang Wei-tze put on dresses and wore high heels to show...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Malta conference center refuses transsexual beauty pageant

Malta: The Malta Gay Rights Movement is protesting the Mediterranean Conference Centre's refusal of their application to hold a transsexual...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Lesbian Muslim Irshad Manji pushes for religious reform

Out lesbian Irshad Manji has plenty of enemies among her fellow Muslims, and not just because of her sexuality....[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Cincinnati Reds' Joe Valentine raised by lesbians

Joe Valentine told Newsday reporter Jeff Pearlman that he was raised by lesbians, and it's actually turned out to...[Date: 04-May-05 ]

Gay pioneer Jack Nichols passes away

Gay rights pioneer Jack Nichols has passed away from leukemia. He was 67 years old. Nichols was among the...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Hadi Safdari hanged in Iran for gay blackmail, possibly sodomy

Hadi Safdari, an Iranian convicted of blackmailing his gay partners with videotapes of their sex acts, was put to...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Monday, May 16, 2005

Mailbag: Guntersville Sheriff gets caught with his pants down

Hey Queer Day - Just thought your readers would like to know that our dear sheriff was recently caught with...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Happy Trails to Queer Day's Nancy

Let's all take a moment, shall we, to give a lot of love to Nancy for all of her...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Erasure's Andy Bell on blow, blow jobs and barebacking

We told you when Erasure's Andy Bell revealed that he was HIV positive last December. Now he's spilling a...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

A Queer Eye for John Stamos, and a naked nudist from New Jersey

Carson Kressley hasn't made it a secret that he has the hots for John Stamos, currently starring in ABC's...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Supreme Court will hear Solomon Amendment case

The Supreme Court today agreed to consider whether colleges and universities may bar military recruiters from their campuses without...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Boy George likes women, but not Madonna

Boy George recently revealed that he's actually sexually attracted to his female friends - although he refuses to stray...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Gay Harvard student Galo Garcia assaulted

Galo Garcia, an openly gay Harvard undergraduate, was on his way to the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Supporters...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

President Bush must weigh in on military and sodomy law

USA: President Bush must give final approval through an executive order to enable the Pentagon to preserve its policy of...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Kevin Sowyrda and WGBH's Emily Rooney battle it out

When WGBH's Emily Rooney did a segnment on Stop & Shop and Shaw's Supermarkets banning gay newspaper Bay Windows...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Bavaria seeks to stop gay adoptions like Patrick Lindner's

The state of Bavaria has filed a lawsuit in Germany's highest court in an effort to stop a new...[Date: 03-May-05 ]

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Navajo President vetoes gay marriage ban measure

Navajo Nation: Remember when the tribal council voted unanimously to ban same-sex marriage? Well the tribe president, Joe Shirley Jr.,...[Date: 02-May-05 ]

500 Protest for gay rights outside Focus on the Family campus

Colorado: About 500 people protested in front of the Focus on the Family campus, protesting their opposition of gay rights...[Date: 02-May-05 ]

Oregon proponents of gay rights pursue civil unions bill

Oregon: Senate Bill 1000 will have its first hearing by the Senate Rules Committee this week. It would insert the...[Date: 02-May-05 ]

Heather Matarazzo talks about being a lesbian

Actress Heather Matarazzo, best known for her movie roles in ''Welcome to the Dollhouse" and ''Saved," knew since second...[Date: 02-May-05 ]

Iowa takes a closer look at transgender issues

The Des Mointes Register takes you on a trip through the life of Laura (formerly Larry) Jansen, pictured. Marriage,...[Date: 02-May-05 ]

Queer Prom is a hit with Salt Lake City students

Utah: Scott Feeney was kicked out of school clubs and his LDS church, but at this weekend's Queer Prom it...[Date: 02-May-05 ]

Felicity Huffman wins for Transamerica, locks lips with Marcia Cross

While Marcia Cross has been busy denying that she's a lesbian, it didn't stop her from kissing Desperate Housewive's...[Date: 02-May-05 ]

Queer Antarctic cruise is one way to avoid the holidays

California: How far would you go to escape a traditional Christmas? Adventure Center's Out on the Ice Antarctic expedition cruise...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Viewpoints on gays serving in the military

USA: USA Today has a point/counterpoint on gays in the military. One says "Let gays serve openly,", while the other...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Ken Hutcherson says Microsoft is lying

Washington: Microsoft's waters get even thicker with Ken Hutcherson, the original Antioch Bible Church figure, contradicting the company's public stance...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Canadian Anglican bishops place moratorium on same-sex blessings

Canada: Canada's Anglican bishops unanimously passed a resolution to put a moratorium on future church blessings of same-sex relationships following...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Penelope Cruz denies lesbian rumors after ass grabbing Salma Hayak

At a press conference for their new film "Bandidas," Penelope Cruz's hand was busy feeling up Salma Hayak's ass....[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Remembering Club My O My

While the purpose of this article is promoting Le Chat Revue's revisiting of it in a new production, there's...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Remembering Club My O My

While the purpose of this article is promoting Le Chat Revue's revisiting of it in a new production, there's...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Remembering Club My O My

While the purpose of this article is promoting Le Chat Revue's revisiting of it in a new production, there's...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Remembering Club My O My

While the purpose of this article is promoting Le Chat Revue's revisiting of it in a new production, there's...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Remembering Club My O My

While the purpose of this article is promoting Le Chat Revue's revisiting of it in a new production, there's...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Defrocked lesbian minister Beth Stroud wins her appeal

The United Methodist Church reversed itself today, deciding to reinstate lesbian minister Elizabeth Stroud who had been defrocked after...[Date: 30-Apr-05 ]

Jeff Gannon upset he was not invited to press dinner

Page Six reports that Jeff Gannon, former White House reporter/male escort, can't believe he wasn't invited to tomorrow's White...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Los Altos limits civic proclamations to prevent gay pride endorsements

Last year the Los Altos City Council in California denied a proclamation for a city Gay Pride Day proposed...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Friday, May 13, 2005

Bay Windows resumes distribution at New England groceries

New England: We told you about Stop & Shop and Shaw's Supermarkets banning the gay and lesbian newspaper Bay Windows...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

350-pound drag queen and gay satanist Garilyn Brune adds color to the Gershwin Hotel

The Gershwin Hotel in Los Angeles today is something akin to the Chelsea in New York during the 60's....[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

UN supported gender correction center in Uzbekistan brings hope

Uzbekistan: A UN supported, whitewashed, Soviet-style operating room in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, is bringing hope to intersex individuals seeking gender correction...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Montreal Trans Pride Day aims to demystify

The second annual Trans Day of Pride in Montreal promises to be a bigger than its inaugural year, according...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Bowing to homophobia gets Jake Eakin 14 years for Sorger murder

Jake Eakin, 14, one of two boys believed to be the youngest murder defendants to be charged as adults...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Microsoft gay rights flip flop tied to right winger Ralph Reed

With Microsoft's image for fairness and equality in the toilet, things get worse with the discovery that Microsoft has...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Five year anniversary of Vermont civil unions remembered

Five years ago Lois Farnham and Holly Puterbaugh made their 27-year relationship official before 200 guests at First Congregational...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Mason Ohio lesbian couple with three kids is no family

Ohio: The Mason City Council won't budge on Heather and Carrie Scott's request to redefine who qualifies for a family...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Kids raised by gay parents interviewed

USA: PressLine teen journalists interviewed kids raised by same-sex parents. Cleo Bezis, 16, says, "It's very comfortable going to PTA...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Bay Area acts of bias against gays increased 7% last year

San Francisco: Reported incidents of bias against Bay Area gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people increased 7 percent in 2004,...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gay teachers in Marin receive threats

California: Five teachers at Mill Valley's Tamalpais High School, some of whom are gay, have received threatening voicemail messages -...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Lactobacillus bacteria may protect against HIV

Lactobacillus bacteria that appear to target and trap HIV may be the key to preventing future infections. Researcher Lin...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Continental Airlines extends travel benefits to registered gay partners

Texas: Houston based Continental Airlines is now extending travel benefits to registered government sanctioned same-sex partners of retirees. One-time flight...[Date: 29-Apr-05 ]

Gay marriage in Spain refused by mayors, compared to Nazism

Several mayors in Spain announced they'll refuse to marry gay and lesbian couples, despite a bill passed by parliament's...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Louisiana sodomy law revisions upheld at appeal

Louisiana: A state appeals court upheld a judge's ruling tossing out part of the state's crimes against nature law that...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

South Carolina sends gay marriage amendment to voters

South Carolina: The House approved a bill that that included Senate changes to let voters decide whether the South Carolina...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Politics surround Oregon union solutions for same-sex couples

Governor Ted Kulongoski, pictured, told representatives from Oregon's businesses he's prepared to fight "for as long as it takes"...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Spokane OKs domestic partner benefits

Washington: The Spokane City Council approved extending benefits to unmarried partners of city employees by a 5-2 vote, if their...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Soulforce visit to Liberty University rather predictable

Virginia: When sixty Soulforce members landed at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University they were greeted with love, muffins, and then a...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Louisiana House sends same-sex marriage amendment to voters

Louisiana: The state House approved a bill to let voters decide whether the South Carolina Constitution should be changed to...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Merry Stephens' lesbian partner Sheila Dunlap was fired too

There appears to be more to the Merry Stephens story, and her name is Sheila Dunlap. Dunlap has lived...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

SF Badlands gay bar found guilty of racism

After a ten-month investigation the San Francisco Human Rights Commission found that Badlands, a Castro gay bar, discriminates against...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Same sex marriage debates increase homophobic violence

Massachusetts: The same-sex marriage debate prompted a spike in violence against gays with attacks up in February and March of...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

President Bush Splash Day comments amuse

When President Bush asked his Galveston, Texas, audience whether the area still hosts "Splash Day," we have to wonder...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Will Nuclia Waste become National Asparagus Queen?

Denver drag queen Nuclia Waste knew that when Noodles and Company launched a national search for the first Asparagus...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

John Waters obsessed with the Michael Jackson case

John Waters is obsessed with the "Michael Jackson case. I don't know how it's going to turn out. I...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Debbie Farmer thinks trans people are free game to tease

California: Contra Costa Times columnist Debbie Farmer gets swept up in the task of garage cleaning, and we're taking her...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

Nikki Sinclaire, lesbian parliamentary candidate, arrested

UK lesbian candidate Nikki Sinclaire was arrested for refusing to leave a debate called "Queer Question Time," hosted by...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

South Africa gay organizations fighting over school dances

South Africa: Remember the Gay and Lesbian Alliance's call for the education department to allow same-sex dates at school dances?...[Date: 28-Apr-05 ]

New Brunswick gay couples file same-sex marriage suit

New Brunswick: A lawyer representing four New Brunswick gay couples has filed papers with the Court of Appeal, asking it...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Six couples sue Tennessee over benefits and family leave

Tennessee: Six same-sex couples have sued the state because the government unfairly discriminates against gay and lesbian employees by refusing...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

UC San Diego club invites gay conservative to slam gay marriage

California: UC San Diego's Republican club invited Steven Yuhas, an incredibly self-hating gay conservative talk-show host, to campus where he...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Urbana moves towards domestic partner registry

Illinois: The Urbana City Council sent an ordinance that would create a domestic partnership registry, open to gays and straights,...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Homophobic math teacher Richard Thompson quits

California: Remember when West High School GSA President Justin Daley met with the school board to complain about Richard Thompson,...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Gay marriage ban bill approved by Navajo Nation council

Navajo Nation: The tribal council of the Navajo Nation approved a bill banning same-sex marriage. Joe Shirley Jr., tribal president,...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Jerusalem gay bar Shushan pub set on fire in arson attack

Israel: Shushan pub, a Jerusalem gay and lesbian bar, was set on fire. Police are calling it an arson attack...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Three gay candidates square off in Hove election

It's not every day you see three openly gay candidates standing for election, but that's what is happening in...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Texas gay and lesbian foster parent ban proposal dies

Texas: A proposal prohibiting gays and lesbians from being foster parents is dying as Republican legislators distance themselves. The governor...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Colorado Senate approves gay workplace discrimination bill

Colorado: The state Senate passed a bill that would prohibit employers from discriminating against gays and lesbians. Senate Bill 28...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Will & Grace to return for an eighth season

NBC's Will & Grace will be back for an eighth season this fall. The show's producers reached a deal...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Monday, May 09, 2005

Beijing gay film festival forced to relocate

China: Beijing University refused to allow the gay film festival, billed as an AIDS and sexual health event, forcing a...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Michelle McComb pleads guilty in lesbian rape case

Scotland: Michelle McComb, 22, entered a guilty plea related to what is essentially a lesbian rape case. McComb told police...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Susanna Gustafsson wins lesbian kiss in cafe discrimination case

Sweden: Lesbian Susanna Gustafsson, who was thrown out of a Stockholm restaurant for kissing her girlfriend, was awarded 50,000 kronor...[Date: 27-Apr-05 ]

Indianapolis council kills gay rights measure

Indiana: A gay rights proposal regarding LGBT workplace discrimination was killed by a virtually silent Indianapolis City/County council. Mayor Peterson...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Minnesota HIV prevention funding threatened by legislator offended by gay sex

Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer, who said he was "shocked and disgusted" by explicit language on Pride Alive's Website, won...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Gay marriage amendment approved by Texas House

Texas: Texas lawmakers in the House approved a constitutional amendment that places a block on gay marriage. To become law,...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Gay and lesbian civil unions come to New Zealand

New Zealand: Although gay and lesbian couples can have their relationships formalized in civil union ceremonies with the same legal...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Gay and lesbian civil unions come to New Zealand

New Zealand: Although gay and lesbian couples can have their relationships formalized in civil union ceremonies with the same legal...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Lady Bunny: Papal Smear

Queer Day contributor Lady Bunny is busy today unveiling the ancient secrets of the Vatican, or as she calls it,...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Rosie O'Donnell returns to television and Broadway

Rosie O'Donnell is back. She's appearing on television in "Riding The Bus With My Sister," playing fashion photographer Andie...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Binu had sex change surgery for love gone sour

Pay close attention, because this story from India is a little confusing. Kuttiyamma was born intersex and had "sex deformity...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Three men assault gay man in Cumbria, plead guilty

UK: In what police are calling a homophobic attack, three men followed an unnamed victim into a toilet at Cumbria's...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

London Metro police sponsors gay rugby team

London: The Metropolitan Police Service has announced it will be a primary sponsor of London's gay rugby team, the King's...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Salon examines the Matthew Limon case

Kansas: We're happy to see Salon taking a look at the Matthew Limon case because we're still outraged. Nothing new...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Microsoft's Steven Ballmer tries to justify gay rights reversal

Microsoft chief executive Steven Ballmer sent an e-mail message to 35,000 company employees in the United States, defending Microsoft's...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Montgomery public schools, under fire, revise sex education

Washington D.C.: Montgomery County public schools revised its new sex education curriculum after parents criticized it as favoring a homosexual...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts lesbian loves?

We've all been wondering for awhile now, but this latest photo of Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman has refreshed...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Charles City church ostracizes transgender couple Renee and Mayetta Usher

In Charles City, Iowa, Messiah Lutheran Church members actually asked Renee and Mayetta Usher, a transgender couple, not to...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Male hugging scares New Zealand men

New Zealand Radio Live host Martin Devlin is afraid of men who hug, expressing his discomfort regarding Hamish Middleton,...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Kaos GL writes European Parliament Members to stop gay discrimination

Turkey: Kaos GL, a group that fights for the rights of Turkey's gay community, has written a letter to leading...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Connecticut gay civil unions not making either side happy

Connecticut: Reacting to the new law, about 3,000 same-sex civil union opponents protested on the Capitol steps urging voters to...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

California gay marriage battle brews in Sacramento

The assembly Judiciary Committee is scheduled to take up Assemblyman Mark Leno's bill that would authorize same-sex marriages this...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Massachusetts Supreme Court to hear bid to put gay marriage on hold

Massachusetts: The Supreme Judicial Court is scheduled to hear a case on May 2nd brought by Catholic Action League director...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Gay and Lesbian Alliance gives South Africa a gay prom date ultimatum

South Africa: The Gay and Lesbian Alliance in South Africa has given seventy high schools throughout the nation until July...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]

Blockbuster censors Bad Education

Almodovar fans renting Bad Education from Blockbuster are finding themselves disappointed by the giant retailer's censorship. While it seems...[Date: 26-Apr-05 ]