Saturday, April 30, 2005

Gay film festival to open in Beijing

China: Beijing is gearing up for its second gay and lesbian film festival. Organized by the Film Association of Beijing...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Iranian gay asylum seeker Hussein Nasseri commits suicide

UK: A gay asylum seeker shot himself in the head at a children's play center after his appeal to remain...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Texas bill would ban queer foster parents

Texas: Gays, lesbians and bisexuals may be denied as foster parents under an amendment added to the Child Protective Services...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Thailand prison uses transvestites to welcome UN crime conference delegates

Thailand: Trying to shed it's hell hole for foreign drug smugglers image, Thailand's Lad Yao Prison used transvestite prisoners in...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Alabama gay book ban bill to be heard today

Alabama: The Alabama Legislature could be banning gay books today from all public facilities. Officials said the bill would prohibit...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Gay Catholics disappointed as Ratzinger's history unfolds

Many gay Catholics are disappointed by the cardinals' choice for a new pope, and that's putting it lightly. Matt...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Talk amongst yourselves

Feeling the need to discuss? That's why we've added Queer Day forums. Feel free to take our content or...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Eating Out is a terribly good time

by Thomas RogersToday we are Eating Out, a sex comedy with glossy production values and a large number of semi-nude...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Stephane Chapin and Bertrand Charpentier lose gay marriage appeal in France

Stephane Chapin and Bertrand Charpentier, the first gay couple to be married in France, lost their appeals court battle...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Gay pioneer Franklin Kameny and others honored 40 years later

Franklin Kameny might have made his name helping send the first U.S. astronauts into space. Instead, an anonymous tipster...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Friday, April 29, 2005

Oregon gay marriage factions prepare for next battles

Oregon: Same-sex marriage factions are preparing for the next round, and now that the issued licenses have been struck down...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Connecticut gays have mixed feelings on civil unions bill

Joanna Heller and Dr. Nikki Colodny are just one same-sex couple having mixed feelings about the civil unions legislation, seeing...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Maine debates new gay rights law's effect on marriage

Maine: Opponents of the state law banning discrimination against gays and lesbians are saying that the new law paves the...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Parent not included in BC education complaint

British Columbia: Gay couple Peter and Murray Corren filed a human rights complaint that grade eight to ten social studies...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Steven Cheng makes same-sex South Australian superannuation bid

Steven Cheng, gay partner of Don Dunstan, the now deceased former premier of South Australia, wrote the SA Parliamentary...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Mexican television getting gay sensitivity training

Mexico: Mexican television is getting a gay sensitivity training. Televisa reporters and producers will be working to stamp out gay...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Gay Catholics should be concerned by Ratzinger selection as new Pope Benedict

Roman Catholic gay-rights activists were not expecting a new pope to suddenly scrap the church's condemnation of homosexuality, but...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Vermont same-sex civil unions allow for official legal name changes

Who knew? Ed Olson, now legally named Ed Olson-Hulls, wrote to Queer Day to let us and you know that...[Date: 20-Apr-05 ]

Ex-Spice Girl Melanie C a lesbian Tom Jones?

"I'm like a lesbian Tom Jones - am I?" asked Melanie C, formerly the Spice Girl known as "Sporty...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

High school student Kerry Pacer honored for push for Gay Straight Alliance

Kerry Pacer, who fought for a Gay Straight Alliance at her White County, Georgia, high school has received the...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Gay and Asian or Asian and Gay?

New York: At Cornell University, panelists from the Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Men of New York (GAPIMNY) discuss the...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Gay and Asian or Asian and Gay?

New York: At Cornell University, panelists from the Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Men of New York (GAPIMNY) discuss the...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

T-shirts express both sides of gay debate in Colorado

Colorado: Enterprising Homewood-Flossmoor High School senior Alissa Norby helped bring 200 "Gay? Fine By Me" shirts to her school. Local...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Man who killed gay uncle's partner gets 4.5 years

England: Lee Newton, who stabbed to death his deceased gay uncle's partner Trevor Joyce, was sentenced to 4½ years in...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

South African students want to bring same-sex dates to the dance

South Africa: The Gay and Lesbian Alliance says that students at 59 schools will insist on bringing a same-sex date...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Ghana pretends it has no gay population

Ghana: The government has dismissed a report that found that 8 percent of the men who socialize in the city...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Indian actress Bobby Darling prepares for her sex change

Indian film and television actress Bobby Darling always wanted to be a woman and now she's preparing for her...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Examining transvestism in literature

UK: Nina Baglin looks at new research into the phenomenon of transvestism in literature and the reasons behind cross-gender writing....[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

UK lesbian couple both want to be involved in having their child

UK: A lesbian couple are applying for fertility treatment in the hope of having "a baby that has truly come...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Keith Boykin interviewed on men on the down low

Seattle: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer interviews visiting gay author and activist Keith Boykin, only they're completely stuck on the overplayed "men...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Six accused of murdering David Morley deny their involvement

A teenage girl and five male youths appeared in court, denying that they were responsible for murdering gay barman...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Portia de Rossi talks about being gay in Details

In the May issue of Details, Arrested Development star Portia de Rossi is finally opening up about her sexuality....[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Ex-Governor Jim McGreevey and David Mixner working on oral

Ever since New Jersey's former governor Jim McGreevey came out to his state, his family and the world as...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Montana legislators vote down all gay rights bills

The Montana legislature voted down all of the bills supporting gay rights and although none survived, Senator Ken Toole...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Shaw's Supermarkets and Stop & Shop drop gay newspaper

Shaws Supermarkets and Stop & Shop, the two largest supermarket chains in New England, banned Boston-based gay newspaper Bay...[Date: 19-Apr-05 ]

Gay marriage opponent Michele Bachmann spies on demonstrators

Minnesota's crusading marriage maven, state Senator Michele Bachmann, was photographed squatting behind some bushes outside the State Capitol, peering...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

School sends home kids wearing homophobic slogans

Connecticut: Four South Windsor high school students were sent home Friday after homophobic T-shirts they wore caused disturbances....[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Rhode Island unlikely to OK gay unions

Rhode Island: As Connecticut moves toward legal recognition for same-sex couples, tiny Rhode Island is likely to be bordered on...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Rhode Island unlikely to OK gay unions

Rhode Island: As Connecticut moves toward legal recognition for same-sex couples, tiny Rhode Island is likely to be bordered on...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Police disrupt gay fashion show in Hong Kong

China: A gay fashion show in Hong Kong featuring models in men's fashion, swimwear and underwear, was stopped 10 minutes...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rwandan university vows to weed out gays, lesbians

Rwanda: Makerere University has instituted a committee to identify gay men and lesbians at the school for possible expulsion. Chairman...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Scotland gets ready for first-ever gay wedding fair

Scotland: Businesses are gearing up to cash in on the pink pound at the countrys first ever gay wedding exhibition....[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Gay fighter Emile Griffith is subject of documentary

On March 24, 1962, Emile Griffith and Benny "Kid" Paret were preparing to face off for the welterweight championship...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Indian actress Swetta Keswani plays woman with transsexual past on Siddhanth

On the popular Indian crime drama "Siddhanth," Swetta Keswani will play the role of Nandana Mittal, a son who...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Clinton prices himself out of Six Feet Under finale

Liz Smith clued us in that HBO's Six Feet Under series insiders swear that former President Bill Clinton was...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

A day of gay protest at Boston College

Boston: Over 1,000 students, professors and administrators gathered to end queer discrimination at Boston College. Student organizers called for a...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

New Mexico gay men not getting HIV tests

New Mexico: A state Health Department study has found gay men in New Mexico are not getting HIV tests, meaning...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Michigan Appeals Court upholds dismissal of same-sex benefits suit

Michigan: The state Court of Appeals agreed with a Washtenaw County judge who threw out a lawsuit alleging that the...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

General Myers backs homophobic military gay policy

America's top military officer, Air Force General Richard Myers, is defending a "don't ask, don't tell" policy that has...[Date: 18-Apr-05 ]

Drunken Jay McCarroll trashes Kai Kuehne, insults Hudson Morgan

Gay Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll trashed rival designer Kai Kuehne ("For Gods sakes, the guy had Docksides on...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Monday, April 25, 2005

Portia de Rossi getting Francesca Gregorini's tattooed initials removed

Ellen DeGeneres' new squeeze and Arrested Development star Portia De Rossi is finally getting ex-girlfriend Francesca Gregorini's tattooed initials...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Forbes Magazine story featuring drag queen Nuclia Waste not without controversy

Forbes Magazine, for the first time ever, featured a photo of a drag queen in it's April issue. The...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Gays and lesbians in Aiken not worthy of picking up trash?

In Aiken, South Carolina, the gay and lesbian community volunteered to pick up trash on Park Avenue, and as...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

San Francisco Supes condemn misogynistic and homophobic remarks

San Francisco: Joe O'Donoghue, president of the Residential Builders Association, made misogynistic and homophobic remarks last week and a Board...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

In gay dispute, Episcopal Church accepts no-delegates request from world Anglicans

USA: Leaders of America's Episcopal Church decided this week to withdraw delegates from an upcoming conference of the international Anglican...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Judge tosses some Hastings student group arguments, but not all

California: While a federal judge threw out many of the arguments made by a Christian student group seeking to be...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Preaching candidate John Holme ordered to hand over homophobic sign

Scotland: John Holme, a preacher currently running for Parliament, was convicted today of breaching the peace by towing a large...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Fiji Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase says being gay is a sin

Laisenia Qarase, the Prime Minister of Fiji, has rejected international pressure to make gay sex legal, saying homosexuality is...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

OUTtv accuses big Canadian cable and satellite companies of discrimination

Canada: Canada's gay and lesbian digital channel OUTtv, formerly PrideVision, have accused two of the biggest cable and satellite companies,...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Homophobic bullying plays key role in school violence

Jeff Weise, pictured, took his own life after killing seven people at his Minnesota school. Why do some young...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ralph Hexter new openly gay Hampshire College president

Hampshire College in Massachusetts has announced that Ralph J. Hexter is their new president, starting in August. Hexter, who...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Irish lesbian couple married in Canada challenges taw law

Ireland: A Brittas, Dublin, lesbian couple seeking to have Revenue Commissioners recognize their Canadian marriage under the tax acts. The...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Queer content database impresses Library Journal

USA: For academics, librarians and those of you in queer studies programs, the GLBT Life with Full Text database indexes...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Merry Stephens stands up for lesbian coaches everywhere

We told you about Merry Stephens fighting back and winning early this month, and now it seems mainstream media...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

UK Greens LGBT manifesto launch today promises social justice

In the UK, the Green Party will launch its LGBT manifesto for this year's election today, promising more protection against...[Date: 16-Apr-05 ]

Melissa Etheridge among 100 most influential

Melissa Etheridge is on the list of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People and will perform for the first...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Tax inequities subject of gay rights protest

California: Queer protesters plan to rally at the Auburn's main post office today to oppose inequities in the tax laws...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Victoria Beckham loves marriage to a gay icon

UK: Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham loves that her athlete husband, David, is a gay icon and thinks he loves...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Gay TV characters reduce homophobia, study finds

Minnesota: University of Minnesota researchers have found that watching TV shows with gay characters reduces homophobia. Researchers measured feelings toward...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Pace dumps ties to homophobic medical school

New York: The faculty at Pace University's law school has voted to end a joint degree program with New York...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Oregon legislators push for civil union consideration

Oregon Democrats and moderates were being encouraged to create civil-union legislation following Thursday's state Supreme Court decision to reject gay...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Lesbian teens Holly Harvey and Sandy Ketchum plead guilty to murder

Holly Harvey, right, and Sandy Ketchum, left, both entered guilty pleas today in the murder of Harvey's grandparents, an...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Oregon Supreme Court throws out marriage licenses

The Oregon Supreme Court nullified today nearly 3,000 marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples by Multnomah County a year...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Minnesota Republican state senator Paul Koering is gay

Minnesota Republican state Senator Paul Koering has come out of the closet. Koering, the gay 40-year-old first-term senator from...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Scissor Sisters Paper Magazine party photos

And here's our favorite. The legendary Amanda Lepore on the far left, Heatherette's new in-house publicist Aimee Phillips on...[Date: 15-Apr-05 ]

Eric Rudolph says lesbians weren't target of Otherside bombs

In a rambling statement released just after his guilty plea, Atlanta bomber Eric Rudolph called queerness an "aberrant sexual...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Moscow mayor says golf course will deter gays, picnickers

Russia: Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov says building a golf course in a picturesque corner of the Russian capital would deter...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Day of Silence marked around the U.S.

There were Day of Silence protests yesterday all over the place to draw attention to queer oppression, but we...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Day of Silence marked around the U.S.

There were Day of Silence protests yesterday all over the place to draw attention to queer oppression, but we...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

1,500 to protest Jamaican homophobia

New York City: 1,500 protesters are expected to picket at the Jamaican Embassy to push for the repeal of homophobic...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Friday, April 22, 2005

Connecticut House passes civil unions bill, adds twist

Yes, the Connecticut House lawmakers approved a same-sex civil union bill Wednesday, but attached to it an amendment defining...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Enquiring minds want to know if Scalia sodomizes his wife

When U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke at New York University, Page Six reports that "The room was...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Behind the scene with Knoxville drag queens

Tennessee: Metro Pulse revisits Knoxvilles drag scene "to find the reasons behind the (drag) queens." Lady Genevas male alter ego,...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Brokeback Mountain underwhelms Cannes

Brokeback Mountain has apparently "underwhelmed" the Cannes Film Festival selection committee. The film, starring Heath Ledger, pictured, and Jake...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Soulforce to put James Dobson on the spot

We're really looking forward to May Day. That's when Soulforce will be putting homophobe James Dobson in a tight...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Texas House committee says yes to marriage ban

Texas: A proposed constitutional amendment in Texas banning same-sex marriage was passed by a House committee that also rejected a...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Coming out in high school

In the fall of 2003 while at Mt. Ararat High School in Topsham, Maine, Devin Boilard came out. His...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

New Ellen DeGeneres love ranch not far from old Anne Heche home

This week's People magazine includes Ellen DeGeneres and her new $3.75 million, 45-acre love-nest ranch in Ventura County. We...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Delegate Doyle Neimann did it for his lesbian daughter Cassie

In a posting on Cassi Neimann's blog, the daughter of Maryland Delegate Doyle Niemann (shown) made it clear that...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Wisconsin looks to prevent funded sex changes for prisoners

Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Senate passed a Republican-authored bill preventing state or federal money from being used for sex change operations...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Thursday, April 21, 2005

USC students take homophobic protester seriously

University of South California students retaliated against a homophobic picketer. Sophomore Holly Painter decided to protest his protest with her...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Nashville mourns the loss of gay club The Connection

Nashville: The demise of gay club The Connection has been big news in Middle Tennessee. For more than a decade...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

Pink drag show raises LGBT scholarship money in Louisville

Kentucky: The Pink 2005 drag show sponsored by the University of Louisville's GLBT student organization raised money for the only...[Date: 14-Apr-05 ]

UCLA student paper examines gays in sports

California: We present four stories on queers and sports from UCLA. First, poor athlete Alaina Sudeith is assumed to be...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Many struggle with marital status on tax forms

Washington: What do you do when you are married but the federal government won't acknowledge it? Do you check the...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Massachusetts vetoes gay prisoners' marriage

Massachusetts: State correction officials have rejected the marriage request of two male inmates at the Massachusetts Treatment Center in Bridgewater,...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Kansas Mayor Mike Rundle comes out, steps down

Mike Rundle stepped down as the mayor of Lawrence, Kansas, last night. In protest of the state's recent ban...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Order ousting Ulf Hedberg's gay partner hurt child, attorney argues

Virginia: A court ruling that forced Ulf Hedberg's partner, Blaise Delahoussaye, to move out of the house where they were...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Webmaster posts gay marriage ban rant on town home page

Before Kansas passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, the town of Atwood's website promoted free land for developers. Gay...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Openly gay athletes supported by 86% of Americans

An NBC/USA Today poll found that 86 percent of Americans have no problem with an openly gay man participating...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

WorldNet offers headline of the day

USA: We couldn't recommend less that you actually read this creepy WorldNet editorial, but we had to share the headline:...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Day of Silence today; counter protest tomorrow

Maya Keyes, lesbian daughter of homophobic conservative Republican Alan Keyes, will speak today at the "Breaking the Silence" rally...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Ontario health emergency law has dangerous

Ontario: The chief medical officer is staging a power grab, using a SARS report, in an effort to detain or...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Ditsy charm works wonders in promoting homophobic bigotry

California: Here's a piece about a "folksy grandma" from Fresno who is battling gay marriage. The mobile home living former...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Davina Kotulski tells others to give a damn about gay marriage

Indiana: Davina Kotulski of Marriage Equality California, author of "Why You Should Give a Damn About Gay Marriage," spoke at...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

University of Michigan sorority tries to bridge gap between Greeks and gays

Michigan: In an effort to bring the University of Michigan's Greek community closer with the LGBT community on campus, multicultural...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Solano Community College sued by gay teacher Gene Thomas

California: Gene Thomas, a gay biology instructor living with AIDS who teaches at Solano Community College, has sued the college...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

High school sets up cameras to catch homophobic vandal

California: Tamalpais Union High School District officials are installing cameras to snag the culprit in a series of hate crimes...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Eric Rudolph plea deal a disappointment for victims

Justice Department officials have announced that Eric Rudolph has agreed to plead guilty, and a victim of the alleged...[Date: 13-Apr-05 ]

Biggest Queer Prom ever in Montana

Montana: More than 700 people pushed their way between rooms at the Lambda Alliance Queer Prom on Saturday - the...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Alabama church secedes over gay bishop

Alabama: Always seceding over something, those Alabamans. Anyway, another Episcopal church has left its diocese and gone Anglican to protest...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Bush's Gavin Rossdale and gender bender Marilyn? Boy George says yes

Boy George is talking trash again, on this time the subject is Gwen Stefani's rock star husband Gavin Rossdale....[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

k.d. lang's weight at the Juno Awards draws criticism

Page Six has something to say about the "heavy burden" k.d. lang is carrying around, referring to her weight....[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Transsexual Corianna Thompson: I didn't kill my mother

In Albany, New York, 86-year-old Jean Balashek was found strangled in her home a month ago, and prosecutors are...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

South Carolina gay leaders tie the knot

South Carolina: Bert Easter and Ed Madden, a long-time couple that have consistently been at the forefront of the fight...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Connecticut study looks at economic advantages of same-sex marriage

Connecticut: A new study in Connecticut looks at the economic advantages of same-sex marriage. It appears that gay and lesbians...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Northern Ireland MPs slam police over gay hate crimes

Ireland: The police clearance rate for homophobic and racial incidents in Northern Ireland is disturbingly low and the approach by...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Canadian experts: Notwithstanding clause only way to stop same-sex marriage

On the eve of the first major vote on Canada's same-sex marriage bill, constitutional law experts weighed in on...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Bill Clinton calls Arthur Finkelstein self loathing and sad

Former President Bill Clinton made an attack on Arthur Finkelstein by suggesting that the man is "self-loathing" to work...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Monday, April 18, 2005

Casting begins for Project Runway 2

The first season of Project Runway brought what was one of the queerest show in television history to the...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Transgender women demand speedy treatment in West Yorkshire

A transgender trio desperately wanting to make the change have begged West Yorkshire health to speed up their treatment...[Date: 12-Apr-05 ]

Vermont considers gender-identity protections

Vermont: Citing instances where people have been beaten up and denied medical treatment, advocates asked a state House committee to...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Queers assaulted in Serbia

Serbia: Twenty-year-old "MB" looked like a lesbian to a gang of thugs who beat her up. An increasing number of...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Queers assaulted in Serbia

Serbia: Twenty-year-old "MB" looked like a lesbian to a gang of thugs who beat her up. An increasing number of...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Young boys use homophobic and misogynistic bullying interchangeably, study finds

Wales: A study of Welsh boys finds that children as young as nine use homophobic and misogynistic bullying to establish...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Gays should serve openly, conservative Ros-Lehtinen says

Notoriously conservative U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has broken party ranks by calling for an end to a ban on openly...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Gay persecution by Nazis documented

USA: If your visit to a Holocaust museum left you wanting more about gay victims, watch for a touring exhibit...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Lesbian insult wins drunk teen hefty fine

England: Insulting a lesbian couple and threatening to break their windows won young Steven Ovenden a hefty fine. His lawyer...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Gays skip license plates, Russian official says

Russia: In North Ossetia, they're baffled about why gay drivers run around without license plates. "We have asked psychologists and...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Gay activist Peter Tatchell prevented from protest at royal wedding

The marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles was greeted with general goodwill and muted public enthusiasm on Saturday....[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Gay Georgia Christians form new church

Georgia: A new church in Gainesville, Georgia, much in the news lately for its homophobia, supports queer Christians....[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Legal loophole could allow gay marriage in Australia

A loophole in new commonwealth laws banning gay marriage actually opens the way for Australian states and territories to...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Averett University cuts ties with Virginia Baptist Association over gay student group

Averett University cut ties with the Virginia Baptist Association. President Richard Pfau said, allowing the gay student group to hold...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Staff back gay student group at Duquesne University

Pittsburgh, PA: Refusal to allow formation of a gay student organization at Duquesne University is fanning an extraordinary debate on...[Date: 11-Apr-05 ]

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Gay civil unions not a done deal in Connecticut, opponents say

Legislation allowing same-sex civil unions in Connecticut may have sailed through the Senate, but opponents say they're not ready to...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Gay cruise docking brings apology from Turks & Caicos leader

Turks & Caicos: Chief Minister Michael Misick, who decriminalized gayness in the Caribbean nation, apologized that the people of Turks...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

British campaign rivals battle over gay public sex arrests

UK: Reading East parliamentary rivals Tony Page and Paul Swaddle are trading barbs over Page's public restroom sex convictions of...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

County won't work with medical school until gay group is allowed

New York: Westchester County Executive Andrew J. Spano yesterday backed off his warning that the county might sever its ties...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Michael Heath resigns so bishop will fight gay rights

Maine: The leader of the ever-nutty Christian Civic League of Maine has resigned with a strange letter to the public....[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Gay porn films may get Eastern Michigan students expelled

Michigan: Male students who take a recruiting gay porn producer up on his offer to be in the movies may...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Gay marriage remark wins Feinstein Pink Brick

California: Former Mayor Dianne Feinstein, now a U.S. senator, won this year's San Francisco Pride "Pink Brick" award for saying...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Kansas Attorney General won't attack same-sex benefits

Kansas: Attorney General Phill Kline says he won't attack public or private benefit plans covering same-sex partners. Kline said the...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Tatum O'Neal and her drunken lesbian scene at Pop Burger

Tatum O'Neal went on a liquor-fueled lesbian rampage at New York City's Pop Burger in the Meatpacking District. At...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

James Spader Playboy interview reveals complicated desires

Liz Smith spills the beans on Boston Legal's James Spader and his forthcoming interview with Playboy magazine. In it...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Friday, April 15, 2005

Colin Farrell chased by gay men and drag queen

The Miami Herald reports that actor Colin Farrell, most recently seen in the films "Alexander" and "At Home At...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Mianne Bagger admits she's not prepared for Tenerife Open

Mianne Bagger, our favorite transsexual golfer, makes her first appearance in Europe in the 250,000 Tenerife Open today, although...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Utah State men walk a mile in her shoes to stop rape

Utah: Ok, it isn't gay, but watching straight men walk a mile in high heels to raise money to help...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Gay rights repeal campaign gets underway in Maine

Maine: State elections officials announced that the petition language to repeal Maines recently enacted gay rights legislation is ready for...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Summit County takes a look at gay life in a small town

Colorado: Frank Accosta is a leader in the local gay community, "but you wouldn't know it from looking at him...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Girlyman set to launch Little Star with a West Coast tour

Girlyman's second album entitled Little Star will be released next month and the Brooklyn trio of Doris Muramatsu, Nate...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Ethan Mao: Quentin Lee's latest gay film

While films about gay asian americans are few and far between, writer and director Quentin Lee is responsible for...[Date: 08-Apr-05 ]

Columnist Dana Caldwell can't imagine why pink jerseys would offend

Arkansas: We told you about how the Arkansas Razorbacks stopped punishing players by dressing them in pink to avoid offending...[Date: 07-Apr-05 ]

Gay Catholics rethink faith after John Paul II's diatribes

California: It ain't easy to be Catholic and gay. The late pope didn't mince words, calling gay relationships "evil." His...[Date: 07-Apr-05 ]

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gay marriage bans will fall, Kansas activist predicts

Kansas: Federal courts ultimately will strike down an amendment to the Kansas Constitution banning gay marriage, says Matt Daniels, president...[Date: 07-Apr-05 ]

Homophobes whoop it up in protest of Day of Silence

California: Members of the Conservative Club at Rancho Cotate High School wore homophobic shirts and waved homophobic signs as trucks,...[Date: 07-Apr-05 ]

LaStaysha Myers, ACLU sue school over gay T-shirt ban

Missouri: The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday sued a Missouri high school that allegedly disciplined 15-year-old LaStaysha Myers for...[Date: 07-Apr-05 ]

Maine students get councilmembers to sign pro-gay resolution

Maine: High school students urged their local councilmembers to sign a resolution thanking Gov. John E. Baldacci and legislators for...[Date: 07-Apr-05 ]

Kansas conservatives target gay adoption

Kansas: Now that conservative Kansans have won a ban on same-sex marriage, what are they after? Wiping out abortion and...[Date: 07-Apr-05 ]

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pharmacy refusal clauses a threat to queers too

USA: While not immediately queer news, yet, pharmacy refusal clauses not only threaten reproductive rights, we can easily see this...[Date: 07-Apr-05 ]

Gay union vote on tap today in Connecticut

Connecticut: The Democrat-controlled Connecticut Senate is scheduled to vote today on a bill that would make Connecticut the first state...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Cop accused of gay rape, Joel Kerde, linked to victim by DNA

An Australian police officer standing trial in the rape of a drunken man he escorted home from a popular...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Transgender Harvey Milk student accused of punching a cop

New York: Transgender student Erica Simon from Harvey Milk High School who once sued the city for $4 million...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Log Cabin Republicans join forces with USA Next on Social Security reform

USA: Bad politics make for strange bedfellows. The Log Cabin Republicans have signed an open letter to the U.S. Congress...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Lesbian Merry Stephens wins $100,000 settlement in firing

Texas: An East Texas school district has agreed to a approximately $100K settlement with girls' basketball coach Merry Stephens, who...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Pro-gay religious emails start investigation at conservative school

Michigan: At Spring Arbor University, where one can be gay but not "practice," two anonymous pro-gay religious email messages, purported...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Gay rights bill stalled by Washington state Senate

Washington: Discrimination on the basis of gender, race or religion has long been illegal in Washington state, but gay people...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Brandy talks about her greatest hits and her gay fans

Brandy is celebrating her first decade of hit-making with the release of "The Best of Brandy," a package that...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Kansas voters approve constitutional ban on gay unions

Kansas voters did what we feared and expected. Citizens opposed to a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, pictured, gathered...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ajay Verma stars in new Bollywood gay film Pick Me

Bollywood is no longer afraid of homosexuality in Indian films. With the infamy and success of the lesbian-themed "Fire"...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

California NAACP endorses gay marriage bill

California: The California chapter of the NAACP endorsed a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state, marking the...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Baptists threaten Mars Hill College with funding loss over gay club

North Carolina: The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has warned Mars Hill College that they could lose nearly $1...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

University Republicans celebrate heterosexuality

Texas: College Republicans hosted a Celebration of Heterosexuality kissing contest at the University of Texas at Arlington. The contest categories...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Joseph Lawrence pleads not guilty of murdering Jason Gage

Iowa: Joseph Lawrence, 23, has pleaded not guilty to a first-degree murder charge in the murder of the openly gay...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Harrisburg school board rejects gay superintendent candidate

Pennsylvania: A gay candidate for Central Dauphin School District school superintendent was rejected by the district's board in front of...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Gay black college students and the double burden

Georgia: In case you thought the down low was over, this Georgia State University article claims black gay college men...[Date: 06-Apr-05 ]

Navratilova calls L Word, Queer as Folk "depraved"

As you know, lesbian tennis legend Martina Navratilova has filed suit in federal court to block a gay-friendly credit...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Daughter of lesbian mom remembers trauma of separation

Melissa Hart of Salem, Oregon, wrote about the trauma she suffered when the provincial norms of the late '70s took...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Gay marriage hearings held in New Hampshire

New Hampshire: Gay marriage proponents told a state commission Monday that legalizing same-sex unions would bring equality, efficiency, and economic...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Monday, April 11, 2005

Dutch gay divorce rate equals that of heterosexuals

Netherlands: Gay Dutch couples appear to divorce at a rate of about one percent a year - the same rate...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Gay couples win support of New York State Bar

New York: The New York State Bar Association has overwhelmingly endorsed full equal protection rights for same-sex couples. But the...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Scarborough finally allows gay conference

England: In the '70s, the resort area of Scarborough refused to allow a gay conference to take place. Three decades...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Bobby Cannavale to play Robin Williams' estranged gay lover

Bobby Cannavale is playing gay again, this time signing on to portray Robin Williams' estranged lover in the film...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

What's the story behind this very gay Elijah Wood photo?

We here at Queer Day would like to know, what's the story behind this photo of Elijah Wood?...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

International Day Against Homophobia to begin May 17

World: For those needing another day to remember, groups from around the world are calling for an International Day Against...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

NSW National Party out to ban same-sex parent children's books

Australia: NSW National Party leader Andrew Stoner told state parliament the same-sex parent children's books Koalas On Parade and The...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Scottish Parliament member caught having gay sex on camera

A member of the Scottish Parliament whose identity has not been revealed was caught by a security camera having gay...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Rossi: Farewell to the Pope

I will not pretend to understand how it might feel to be a religious Catholic today mourning the loss...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Rossi: Farewell to the Pope

I will not pretend to understand how it might feel to be a religious Catholic today mourning the loss...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Tony Blair delays Equality out of respect for Pope

UK: Announcement of the Equality Bill that would create a single equality commission giving lesbian and gay people an official...[Date: 05-Apr-05 ]

Transwomen try speech therapy to help them 'pass'

Philadelphia: To pass or not to pass? That is the question. But women who formerly lived as men flock to...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Lesbians refused membership at Catholic parish

St. Clair Shores, Michigan: On their first visit to St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in February, Cheryl Mathers and...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Duke students start 'gay? fine by me' T-shirt craze

Durham, N.C.: After the Princeton Review said Duke University was the most homophobic school in the country, 10 students started...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Teen school massacre planner had gays in his sights

A 16-year-old New Jersey student accused of threatening a "massacre" at Fair Lawn High School quoted the Columbine shooters on...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Chicago club spreads word: Meth is bad, mm-kay?

Chicago: Bartenders at Sidetrack know they dispense advice, opinions and booze in almost equal parts. Thus they were called to...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Weakest Link Anne Robinson's lesbian commentary

Television's Anne Robinson, the queen of mean from "The Weakest Link," has left women's prison officers fuming after she...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Gay guesthouse owner says he'd rather close than admit straights, women

South Africa: The owner of two men-only guesthouses in Cape Town would rather close them down than admit heterosexuals or...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Superheroes expected at Sussex gay pride

England: This year's gay pride in Sussex has a theme and participants are asked to dress as their favorite superhero....[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Alumni returns to Mission Viejo high to help gay kids

California: Philip Reames went back to his former school in Mission Viejo to talk about issues facing queer youth and...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Debkumar Mohanty commits suicide to be female in the next life

India: Debkumar Mohanty, a folk drama actor, committed suicide in Kolkata, after failing sex change hormone therapy. She apparently killed...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Washington Times claims gay marriage opposition is at all-time high

USA: The Washington Times claims opposition against same-sex marriage is at an all-time high, using a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, that...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

Bishop Robinson upsets leaders with idea that Jesus may have been gay

The Right Reverend Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church, has upset traditionalists by suggesting that...[Date: 04-Apr-05 ]

India Supreme Court asks why gay sex is illegal

India: We can't quite make sense of this, but it appears India's Supreme Court issued notice today to the Centre...[Date: 02-Apr-05 ]

Minnesota House votes to put gay marriage ban on ballot

Minnesota: After a passionate debate stretching over three hours, the Minnesota House voted to put a gay marriage ban before...[Date: 02-Apr-05 ]

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Merseyside police seek anonymity for homophobic crime victims

UK: In England, Merseyside police plan to lobby for an unprecedented change in the law to give victims of homophobic...[Date: 02-Apr-05 ]

Conservative Jews to reconsider gay rabbis and unions

Maryland: Conservative Jews will gather next Tuesday in a retreat center outside Baltimore, where they will reconsider their 1992 decision...[Date: 02-Apr-05 ]

Dangerous Angels bring teacher Penny Culliton under fire again

In New Ipswich, New Hampshire, a parental complaint about Francesca Lia Block's book "Dangerous Angels" being used in a...[Date: 02-Apr-05 ]

Homophobic crusader Graham Capill pleads guilty to pedophilia

In New Zealand, long-time homophobic conservative crusade leader Graham Capill has been identified as being the prominent Christchurch man...[Date: 02-Apr-05 ]

McGee calls Mayor Barrett a straight-up honkey faggot

Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee, Jr. has been in the hot seat for awhile due to his big mouth, and...[Date: 02-Apr-05 ]

Friday, April 08, 2005

Lesbians aren't married, Connecticut court rules

In a first-of-its-kind case, Hartford, Connecticut, Superior Court Judge Linda Pearce Prestley has told two Connecticut women seeking to annul...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Transgender college student grateful for each day

A University of Pennsylvania student who went through gender reassignment recently says life is much better for him. "I love...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Gay marriage decision in New York to take months

New York's highest court said yesterday that it would not consider two lawsuits asserting that same-sex couples should have the...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Popular lesbian columnist Liz Smith fired from Newsday

Lesbian gossipmonger Liz Smith has been fired from Newsday, the "home" papger of the popular syndicated column. The official...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Lesbian couple can't annul marriage that is already void

Connecticut: Hartford Superior Court Judge Linda Pearce Prestley told two Connecticut women seeking to annul a Provincetown, Massachusetts, civil marriage...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Ex-gay doc removed from Magellan Health Services board

Pennsylvania: Grove City College psychology professor and ex-gay quack Dr. Warren Throckmorton has been removed from an advisory board for...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Appeals court upholds Philecia Barnes trans discrimination verdict

Ohio: A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit in Cincinnati upheld a jury verdict finding...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Bloomberg calls safe schools law silly and illegal

New York City Mayor Michael Bloombergs administration refused to send an education department official to testify before the City...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Brite Bar vs. 42 Below

John Libonati, pictured, gay owner of New York City's Brite Bar, refused to stock New Zealand's 42 Below vodka...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Rep. Jim Welker: gay marriage will lead to interspecies marriage

In Colorado, Republican Representative Jim Welker warned that same-sex marriage could one day lead to interspecies marriage if the...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hispanic AIDS Forum's trans discrimination lawsuit dismissed

New York: A New York state appeals court dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Hispanic AIDS Forum after their landlord...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria wishes she had a lesbian experience

Eva Longoria, one of the stars of ABC's Desperate Housewives who plays the cheating former model Gabrielle Solis, wishes...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Mrs. Oregon pageant director denied letter by Portland mayor

The director of the Mrs. Oregon America pageant says Portland's mayor is discriminating against her organization. Each year the...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Arizona Web Devil explores bisexuality

Arizona: "In my experiences, when guys find out that I am bisexual, they automatically think I am interested in having...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Liverpool's Octopus features gay burlesque

UK: One of Liverpool's more outrageous night clubs, The Octopus, opens on Sunday featuring gay burlesque including drag acts, singers,...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

New Pridevision owners go hardcore

Canada: Operating under new ownership, PrideVision, the digital specialty channel that caters to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community,...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Calgary bishop stands behind his homophobic bigotry

Alberta: Calgary Bishop Fred Henry refused to take back comments he made comparing homosexuality to prostitution and adultery. With human...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

California judge stays his gay marriage decision

San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer, the California judge who ruled that gay couples should be allowed...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Three men convicted in Micah Painter gay attack

In Washington state, three Whatcom County men were convicted of felony malicious harassment and assault in an attack on...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Governor Baldacci signs Maine gay rights bill into law

Maine Governor John Baldacci called it "a proud day for Maine" as he signed into law a bill to...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Heidi Krieger, now Andreas, and the price of victory

East German shot-put champion Heidi Krieger was doped to win medals for the Communist cause. But the steroids she...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Ohio legislator moves to close loophole created by gay marriage amendment

Ohio: Representative William Healy says he'll introduce a bill to close a perceived loophole in the domestic-violence law created by...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Jerusalem gay community determined to hold World Pride

Israel: A gay leader in Jerusalem says fervent World Pride event opposition by Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious leaders had...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Australia denies family visas to gay partners of badly needed shrinks

Two overseas-trained doctors have been prevented from taking positions at Campbelltown and Liverpool hospitals because the immigration department will...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

LGV arrives in the UK

UK: LGV has arrived in the UK. The rare sexually transmitted disease returned in 2003 when 100 gay men in...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Transvestites earn respect in Muslim Indonesia

Some are prostitutes, some priests, some work in beauty salons and some bring luck. Transvestites are a part of everyday...[Date: 01-Apr-05 ]

Gay rights threatened by religious rights bill

Major homophobe Republican Senator Rick Santorum and former presidential candidate John Kerry have introduced a bill to amend the...[Date: 31-Mar-05 ]

Q Television signs nationwide deal

USA: Q Television Network announced an agreement with Products On Demand Channel Inc. to make Q Television's signature programming available...[Date: 31-Mar-05 ]

Bowling Green gay activists take on looksism

Kentucky: Queer activists at Bowling Green State University are tackling Looksism as part of a week of queer awareness events....[Date: 31-Mar-05 ]

Outfront Minnesota calls for action

Minnesota's House Rules Committee voted 15-8 yesterday to recommend that the full House vote to approve HF6, a proposal...[Date: 31-Mar-05 ]

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Honduras bans gay marriages and adoptions

Honduran lawmakers have unanimously approved a constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriages and adoptions. The vote came just months after Honduras'...[Date: 31-Mar-05 ]

Waterloo Mayor condemns Jason Gage murder

Iowa: Waterloo Mayor Tim Hurley joined condemned the slaying of Jason Gage, then said he's formed no opinion on the...[Date: 31-Mar-05 ]

Straight woman writes about being harassed as a lesbian

Danni Smith, a senior at Ball State University, is a straight woman trying to say something important by writing about...[Date: 30-Mar-05 ]