Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Manchester Pride

Adventures in Britain continue...

David and I are clubbing around London and Manchester this month. Last weekend was a public holiday long weekend (the last one in the UK this year) which saw thousands of queens heading from all parts of the country for Manchester Pride.

The "Village" around Canal Street is closed off for about four blocks and the only way in is with a ($10 money to charity) wrist band. This is a fantastic idea and the three day event combines a sort of fair day with parade and numerous competing parties.

Every bar has its own thing happening and the whole are is alive for party, party and more party.... One highlight for the organisers this year was that the Army came! About 10 uniformed soldiers paraded and manned a recruitment stall. Some 20 RAF colleagues manned a float featuring a plane cockpit - the RAF was the first armed service to join a gay pride festival at last year's event. Gay news for the Queer Australian

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