Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Caravan Parks For Sale UK

I was up in North Wales at the weekend and came across a great caravan park for sale. This could be the life. Throw in all the clubbing in Vauxhall and head for the Welsh countryside. Now I am looking for caravan parks for sale in the UK. Then I am outta here!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter woof land

Thanks Chris for this photo from Electric Orange. Winter woofs!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Flower Service

As workmen begin installing the flowers for the Prince William and Catherine Middleton's Royal wedding, uur friends at The Garden Party Flower Service launched a new Flower Service today at Head over and take a look.
I'll be damned... Look what I gotImage by shannonpatrick17 via Flickr
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Friday, April 15, 2011

One Direction Gay Ad for Nintendo

Those One Direction guys are so metro-sexual with their tactile hugging and playfulness. They are toally surrounded by those One Direction Gay rumours. Irrespective of that, just like JLS they have an advertising deal with Nintendo! The only trouble with this is, they haven't released any music yet. The same thing happened with JEdward - thankGod they didn't release any music.

Getting an ad deal with Nintendo is really basically because they are famous for being an X-Factor contestant and of course for being cute, popular..... They are also at the top of their career (to date) and may have signed up for peanuts. JEdward allegedly earned £3 in their first year from PAs and advertising deals.

Anyway they are definitely getting cuter since they appeared on the X-factor?

Do you think One Direction deserve an ad deal with Nintendo?

Do you think One Direction are getting cuter?

Comments please

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Steven Davies becomes the first English Cricketer to come out

There are few top British Sportsmen who are out. There are none in Soccer, one in Rugby (Gareth Davies) and now there is one in Cricket. Stephen Davies is the first professional cricketer to come out as gay. Well done Stephen!

Stephen told the coach, who passed on the news to the England team. The team were unfazed by this and congratulated Stephen on his courage.

Gareth Davies took the monumental step of coming out as a gay rugby player last year. He is now a role model for many gay teens and adults as well as breaking down gay stereotypes.

Stephen Davies played for Worcestershire before leaving for the Brit Oval on a three year contract in August.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Jack Mackenroth HIV Role Model

Jack Mackenroth s pretty hunky. Originally from Seattle, this hunk of a man started off life in fashion. He opened his own super trendy fashion store "jack" in the West Village.

Jack is a pretty good swimmer, a reality TV star, AIDs activist and fundraiser and is HIV positive. All round super cool guy!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

4 Hour Body

This is a must for all gym boys out there. I have started the 4 Hour Body diet (yeh) - follow my progress here The Four Hour Body - Paul Thompson

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Pope Books Take That for the Next Vatican Show

After this weeks Royal Variety Performance (the one where Duchess Camilla was attacked with a stick when caught up in the London riots), the Pope has booked Take That. The show included hundreds of near naked male dancers.

Naked from the back

The five Take That members sang on top of a raised platform while the remainder of the stage was covered in male dancers wearing nothing but flesh-coloured jockstraps. 
As the song continued the men re-enacted the five poses on the front of the band’s new album, Progress.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Dear John Travolta in another Gay legal case

Image via Wikipedia

Who cares (but John Travolta) is John Travolta is gay or not? In an interview with The Advocate, Carry Fisher answered questions about Johns sexuality. Fisher and Travolta go way back. On a question about whether Travolta was gay, Fisher said:-

“Wow! I mean, my feeling about John has always been that we know and we don’t care. Look, I’m sorry that he’s uncomfortable with it, and that’s all I can say. It only draws more attention to it when you make that kind of legal fuss. Just leave it be.

There have been a number of guys who have alleged that they have had relationships with Travolta.

John Travolta at the Wild Hogs London premiereCropped screenshot of John Travolta from the f...Image via Wikipedia

On being gay John , get over it!

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No gays at the Chymorvah guesthouse Cornwall

Martin Hall and his civil partner Stephen Preddy, were turned away from a homophobic guesthouse at Marizion in Corwall, on the grounds of "we dont allow unmarried couples to sleep in our guesthouse". Given that Hall and Preddy are in a civil partnership, this is a bit hard to believe.

It transpires that the owners are some sort of religious nut cases who have taken some line from the Bible a little to far. It is incredible in this day and age that people still think this way. It is obviously far more important to ignore the "LOVE" and "ACCEPTANCE" message from their faith and focus on - shock horror - the possibility that two people might actually have SEX. 

Peter and Hazelmary Bull denied the allegation that they discriminated against Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy because they were gay, but insisted their faith meant they believed unmarried couples should not share a room under their roof.

A second case of homophobic prejudice. Sad old couple!

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