Saturday, June 10, 2006

I sent a complaint to the BBC about Chris Moyles

Re my previous post Pissed Off at Aunty Beeb I sen the following complaint to the BBC:

I am writing to object about Chris Moyles derogatory use of the word 'gay' on his radio show. If the work 'black' or any other ethnic minority word was substituted, there would be (justifiable) outrage. Because young people have adopted the word 'gay' as a deregatory remark, does not mean this should be perpetuated on the BBC.

Although this has now receive worldwide publicity, I would like to register my compaint on the subject.
Today, I received a reply back from the BBC

Thank you for your e-mail. I note your concerns over the Governors' findings on Chris Moyles' use of the word 'gay'.

I acknowledge the strength of your dissatisfaction with these findings but I would reiterate the following points. The Governors? Programme Complaints Committee decided that Chris Moyles had not deliberately set out to offend gay people. He was using the contemporary usage of the word - meaning 'rubbish' - which would be familiar to Radio 1 listeners.

But importantly, they also acknowledged that this usage could be offensive, and for this reason advised that more thought should be given in future before using the word. So while it considered the broadcast to be within the guidelines, it did also say that "it would be advisable to think more carefully about using the word 'gay' in its derogatory sense in the future, given the multiple meanings of the word in modern usage and the potential to cause unintended offence.

I trust that I have been able to address some of your concerns. Please be assured that I have included your comments in the daily audience log. This internal document is made available to Radio 1 production teams, BBC policy makers and senior management.

Thank you for taking the time to contact BBC Information.

If you think that GAY=BAD should be acceptable English then I encourage you to complain to the BBC too:

Anne Lavan

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