Thursday, June 08, 2006

With This Ring Magazine

As Australian government becomes MORE HOMOPHOBIC, over the puddle in the US the Worlds first Gay Wedding Magazine is launched.

"With This Ring magazine ( is a first-of-its-kind effort to produce a magazine that puts all weddings -- and their communities -- on an equal footing. 'For Every Kind of Wedding,' this new magazine caters to wide audience, from gay and lesbian weddings, to interfaith and interracial weddings, to destination weddings, with the ultimate goal of moving all these various "categories" of weddings into the mainstream, and making them part of a common discussion.

Gay Weddings The goal of With This Ring is to be a magazine for every kind of wedding -- straight, gay, black, white, in a church, or on a beach. All weddings are romantic at their core, and this magazine celebrates that common romantic essence.

Beyond a simple magazine, it will become the flagship for a movement -- a rallying point for a vocal community of forward-thinking, modern people who believe that weddings deserve to be celebrated, in all their variety."

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