Saturday, August 12, 2006

Glenn Kopitske\’s parents deny he\’d...

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Glenn Kopitske\’s parents deny he\’d ever have had sex with Gary Hirte

hirte Virgil and Shirley Koptiske said that the sanity trial of their son’s killer was the longest week of their lives. Glenn Kopitske was 37 years old when Gary Hirte (shown) shot and stabbed him in his rural Fremont, Michigan, home in July, 2003. Gary Hirte admitted to the murder, but claimed to have a mental disease at the time resulting from shame and anger triggered by alcohol consumption and having gay sex with Kopitske. While we told you the jury sided with prosecutors and decided Hirte was sane when he committed the crime, we’ve now learned that the Kopitskes said they fought the urge to yell out in court. They also claim there was no way their son had a sexual encounter with Hirte and that after a year-and-a-half of a lot of agony, they’re glad the trial is finally done.

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