Saturday, August 12, 2006

Gillespie calls Wife Swap’s lesbian mom Kristine...

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Gillespie calls Wife Swap’s lesbian mom Kristine Luffey depraved

wife swap On ABC’s “Wife Swap” an interracial Texas conservative Christian mom traded places with an Arizona lesbian in a committed relationship. When Kristine Luffey told her new “family” she’s gay, her new husband Brian Gillespie responded, “The gay lifestyle is not consistent with our Christian beliefs, but having said that, people should not be treated in anything but an honoring way.” Meanwhile, over in Arizona, an admittedly uncomfortable Kris Gillespie (left) assures Luffey’s partner, Nicki Boone (right), and Boone’s 8-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, “We’re going to get along just fine.” Things in Texas go fairly smoothly; Dad’s even a good sport when Luffey takes him to a gay club. But sparks flew in Arizona with Kris Gillespie calling a tearful Luffey “depraved” near the show’s ending.

AZ Central[Date: 09-Feb-05 ]

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