Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jesse Bradford takes gay role to new Heights

Jesse Bradford takes gay role to new Heights Actor Jesse Bradford says he hesitated before agreeing to play a guy who's attracted to guys in the new movie "Heights." "I had turned down the opportunity to play gay about three years prior, in 'The Rules of Attraction.' There was always this voice in the back of my mind saying, 'Did you turn that movie down because you were scared to play a homosexual?' And reading this script, and knowing right away that I wanted to do it, was kind of a nice vindication for me, to be like, 'Okay, I wasn't scared.'" And then Bradford has to talk about how straight he is, his gay kiss being "one of the most heterosexually reaffirming moments of my life. Like, 'Oh, that's why I don't like this. That's why I always figured I wouldn't like this.' Now I know. Now I know for sure." Y'know, he spends an awful lot of time thinking about it, doesn't he?�
[Date: 13-Jun-05 ]

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