Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dreamgirls gets 8 Oscar Nominations

Dreamgirls Jennifer Hudson

In this year’s Oscars race, “Dreamgirls” leads with eight nominations, followed by “Babel” with seven.
The nominees for best picture are “Babel,” “The Departed,” “Letters From Iwo Jima,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” and “The Queen.”

Earlier, likely contenders for the top Oscar in Tuesday’s nominations were the musical “Dreamgirls,” the mob saga “The Departed,” the multinational drama “Babel” and the British-royalty tale “The Queen.” The road-trip comedy “Little Miss Sunshine” looked like a solid bet to take the fifth best-picture slot.

David and I saw Dreamgirls on Saturday and despite getting numb bums, really loved it. The movie is so camp with great Mardi Gras like shows, great Diva numbers and that all time drag classic, “And I am telling you Im not going” (original Jennifer Holliday).

For all those who remember Regina Fong in London in the eighties, this version is much larger than Skinny Bitches’.

American Idol runner up Jennifer Hudson really steals the show and creates (for me) an absolute classic with the shows BIG number “And I am telling you Im not going”. Which gay man hasnt heard that song and empathised with the “Your gonna love me” part.

Jennifer Hudson as Effie Dream girls

Overlooked because of her size and looks DESPITE her far superiot talent, her character Effie will certainly appeal to just about every Diva loving gay man. Jennifer is nominated for an Academy Award as Actress in a Supporting Role.


Beyonce Knowles was also really great in the role, proving that she can both act as well as sing but usurped by Jennifer Hudson (not credited as STARRING in the show).

SEE IT and good luck Jennifer!
Beyonce Dream Girls
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