Saturday, August 12, 2006

Matthew Hays interviewed Wigstock wonder woman...

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Lady Bunny frowns on fashion, disses Dubya

Matthew Hays interviewed Wigstock wonder woman Lady Bunny, who will be appearing as part of Montreal\’s Divers/Cit line-up, and she let the fur fly about fashion and Dubya. "I think fashion itself has gone out of fashion. In today\’s shaky economy, who the hell can afford to buy a $500 belt which will be out of style in a year? The world is falling apart. Why not donate the $500 to some organization like that\’s trying to stop the monster George Bush?" So what\’s on her wishlist while she\’s in Montreal? "How about a donkey-dicked, uncut, French stud? Of course, I love the dark ones that have a little Moroccan in them. I\’ve had a little Moroccan in me as well!" I\’m sure you have Bunny, I\’m sure you have. 
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