Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dinner with the ladies of the Cornbury Society

Dinner with the ladies of the Cornbury Society It's the end of the year dinner for the Cornbury Society, an association of British Columbia cross dressers, transsexuals and the transgendered. There are no "born female" members and all are apparently heterosexual. Grace, pictured, has recently retired from the lumber industry. He (and he prefers the masculine pronoun) has been cross dressing full-time for ten months now, a move his wife Nina fully encouraged. "It just feels right," says Grace. One afternoon they pulled from the closet anything that could be considered men's wear and, in a "ritual of transformation," threw it all out. Five years ago, Grace and Nina got married in a Las Vegas chapel in matching bridal gowns. "It took a while to find a chapel who would do it," Grace says. "They were very concerned about appearances."�
[Date: 02-Aug-05 ]

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