Tuesday, June 28, 2005

LGBT Pride celebrated all over the map

LGBT Pride celebrated all over the map Gay Pride parades and celebrations were held in countless locations over the weekend, from urban centers like San Francisco and New York City, big cities like Chicago and Houston, on down to small towns like the historically homophobic Conway, Arkansas. Even though pride was banned in Tampa, Florida, people filled the streets there announcing "Pride is Back!" Pride made another significant comeback in Wichita, Kansas, returning after a five year absence. Muncie, Indiana, held their very first, while other celebrations continued nationally like the ones in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Atlanta, Georgia, Lansing, Michigan, Denver, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, St. Louis, Missouri. Events were held internationally as well in many cities including Toronto, Ontario, Berlin, Germany, and Kolkata, India. And the award for the most ridiculous photo headline goes to MSNBC (second picture). Hope you all had a rockin' Pride weekend!�
[Date: 28-Jun-05 ]

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