Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No gays at the Chymorvah guesthouse Cornwall

Martin Hall and his civil partner Stephen Preddy, were turned away from a homophobic guesthouse at Marizion in Corwall, on the grounds of "we dont allow unmarried couples to sleep in our guesthouse". Given that Hall and Preddy are in a civil partnership, this is a bit hard to believe.

It transpires that the owners are some sort of religious nut cases who have taken some line from the Bible a little to far. It is incredible in this day and age that people still think this way. It is obviously far more important to ignore the "LOVE" and "ACCEPTANCE" message from their faith and focus on - shock horror - the possibility that two people might actually have SEX. 

Peter and Hazelmary Bull denied the allegation that they discriminated against Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy because they were gay, but insisted their faith meant they believed unmarried couples should not share a room under their roof.

A second case of homophobic prejudice. Sad old couple!

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Bryce Thomason said...
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GayNews said...

But Bryce isn't that like saying, no one is born black?

Its is a good job black activists didnt stop until they got equality.

I dont think there is a gay agenda, as much as people fighting to be accepted as equal