Monday, November 01, 2010

Matthew Morrison, Chord Overstreet & Cory Monteith in shirtless Glee

The new season of Glee is well underway here in the UK, but I haven't watched any of them yet! Too busy with holidays and selling the house. Last week we were in Barmouth in Wales in a caravan for a week. It was really cool to get away, but there was NO television reception. What I missed was the guys from Glee getting their shirts off in their production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. How camp can Glee get?

Matthew Morrison (hot hot hot)

Cory Monteith

Cory doesn't have a hair on his chest AND its getting a bit saggy. You are supposed to be the Quarterback Cory. You need to hit the gym Cory! And get a pair of man bikini briefs.

I havent seen anything of the new sexy blond boy, Chord Overstreet, but he gets his kit off as Rocky.

Tell me guys, leave a comment - WHO has the best chest?

Chord or

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