Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is Simon Cowell Gay?

With the X-factor back on prime time TV in Britain, all of the tabloids are busy scraping up as much muck as they can and slinging it at everyone in the hope it will stick to someone. This week it was Simon Cowell's turn. Tough as an old leather handbag, Simon Cowell is not going to blink an eye at the rumours going around that he is gay.
I don't think Cowell is on anyones gaydar, but co judge Louis Walsh this week cleared it up for us, stating this week that his 51-year-old friend is easily "distracted by a pair of breasts".
Lois Walsh told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper this week that, "He's not gay. Not at all. He's camp. He's theatrical. But he's absolutely not gay. No way. He loves women. Haven't you seen the way he looks at girls? He'll get distracted by a pair of breasts."
Well I guess that clears it up then.

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