Thursday, September 30, 2010

Which two lesbians are in the worlds most powerful women list?

No, not Oprah. She's not a lesbian. But she is a powerful woman. Suprise suprise, its  Lady Gaga at number 7 on the list and Ellen De Generes at number 10.

Both women need no introduction to British readers. Ellen de Generes has recently been judging American Ido with our own Brit, Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga has been dominating just about every music award going.

Other people in the top 100 list include USA House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and US politicians include Janet Napolitano.There are also three women CEOs  (Kraft, Westpac and Pepsico)
There are no British politicians or CEOs on the list; the only British women is The Queen.
And the Top Ten most powerful women in the world are:-

The top ten:
1. Michelle Obama (46) 
2. Irene Rosenfeld (47) CEO Craft Food (who closed down British Cadbury's factories)
3. Oprah Winfrey (56)
4. Angela Merkel (56) German chancellor.
5. Hillary Rodham Clinton (62) US Secretary of State.
6. Indra Nooyi (54) CEO of Pepsico.
7. Lady Gaga (24) 
8. Gail Kelly (54) CEO of Australian Bank Westpac.
9. Beyoncé Knowles (29)
10. Ellen DeGeneres (52)

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