Thursday, July 10, 2008

Josh Hartnett shirtless in the West End

Josh Harnett shirtless in the West End
David an I have booked to see Josh “I have the deepest voice in the world” Harnett appearing in London’s West End in new stage version of the 1988 Oscar-winning film “Rain Man”. The show commences at the Apollo Theatre Aug 28 (prior to an official opening Sept 9th)

Josh Hartnett shirtless
Sexy Josh Hartnett will play Charlie Babbitt (originally played on screen by Tom Cruise) with British actor Adam Godley as his autistic savant older brother Raymond (originally played by Dustin Hoffman, who won the Best Actor in a Leading Role award).

Other Hollywood stars to appear on the London stage include Nicole Kidman - who caused a stir when she appeared naked in ‘The Blue Room’ - Christian Slater, who enjoyed three stints as R.P. McMurphy in ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’, and Ashlee Simpson, who wowed critics with her performance in ‘Chicago’.

Josh Hartnett shirtless
Josh’ bio goes like this:-
Hartnett was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on July 21, 1978. Following his high school graduation, he attended New York’s SUNY-Purchase, but his time there ended after he was offered a role on the short-lived TV series Cracker. He also did a number of TV commercials and plays, and in 1998 he got his screen break with the plum role of Jamie Lee Curtis’ son in Halloween: H20. Although the film received poor reviews, it did moderately well at the box office, and that same year Harnett’s profile further increased when he starred in The Faculty.

One of a number of films to exploit the current trend in teen horror movies, it featured Hartnett fighting off alien teachers alongside the likes of fellow up-and-comers Elijah Wood and Shawn Hatosy. Although the film didn’t do as well as expected, thanks in part to the fact that the teen horror craze was beginning to lose steam, it in no way interfered with the increasing number of opportunities available to the young actor.
Josh Hartnett shirtless

Hartnett could subsequently be seen in a number of diverse films; among his projects in 2000 alone, he played an Iago-like character in O, the teen re-telling of Othello; the son of Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton in the comedy-drama Town and Country; and the paramour of the eldest of the ill-fated Lisbon sisters in Sofia Coppola’s adaptation of The Virgin Suicides.

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