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Marco Dapper Interview Part 2

Part 2
Illustrations by MICHAEL WERTZ
Source Frontiers Publishing

In the movie, your body is jaw-droppingly chiseled. Just how often do you work out?
About five days a week. After I graduated from high school, I started seriously working out. I was a smaller kid in high school. I decided to get in shape and turn it around.

Everyone has a thing for UPS guys. What about your days as a UPS man? Did you get a lot of phone numbers?
I know everyone loves that fantasy, but I don’t want to live a lie: I worked in the warehouse. I wasn’t a brownie. I don’t want to break everyone’s heart, but I was a grunt.

You had to be naked a lot in this film. Were you cold?
It was warm around that film! I didn’t feel self-conscious. I am who I am. I think everyone should have confidence. I didn’t lose sleep over it.

Besides getting to see you naked, why should people buy a ticket to this movie?
It’s very funny. I laughed more than I thought I would. With the first [Eating Out] movie, I didn’t think it was funny at all, because a lot of the jokes were gay-oriented. The second one I think will appeal to both gay and straight audiences. It has universal appeal.

Marco Dapper Gay Character Eating Out 2 : Sloppy Seconds

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (Ariztical Entertainment), directed by Phillip J. Bartell and opening Friday, February 10th, in Sydney is about a gay guy (out American Idol Jim Verraros) who’s just broken up with his “outta my league” boyfriend (Brett Chukerman) and is pursuing sexy, sexually confused artist’s model Troy (Marco) by pretending to be an ex-gay. Rounding out the cast are Rebekah Kochan as unapologetic slut Tiffani (who can taste how long it’s been since a guy last came), Emily Brooke Hands as gay-male obsessed Gwen and former teen heartthrob Scott Vickaryous as ex-gay activist (more like passivist) Jacob. It’s a film I’ve already given a KY-lubed thumbs-up to, mainly because it manages to be political and witty along with sexy and laugh-out-loud outrageous. The excellent script, co-written by Bartell and by Q. Allan Brocka (director of the first in the series and of Boy Culture), forces its actors to sink or swim—it’s not enough to be eye candy.

MArco Dapper Gay Character Eating Out 2 : Sloppy Seconds

MArco Dapper Gay Character : Eating Out Sloppy Seconds

Marco Dapper Viagra Induced Hard On

Marco Dapper Gay Character

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