Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Naughty Princes William and Harry

Naughty Princes William and Harry

Naughty Proce William and Price Harry

Prince William’s personal cops have warned that they will not put themselves at risk trying to keep up with him on his motorbike.

The daredevil prince recently had a “wobble” on his powerful 1100cc Honda Super Blackbird — and almost came off.

Armed officers from the Metropolitan Police Royalty Protection Department have warned top brass about the dangers of trying to guard William at high speeds.

Wills is said to be addicted to the rush of riding his motorbike collection. The prince often rides in his father’s Highgrove estate — unrecognizable in his black leathers and crash helmet.

Two armed guards normally accompany him, one riding pillion.

“Both William and his brother Harry love the thrill of riding fast motorbikes. But it is a security nightmare.

Other than keeping up with him and being alert to potential dangers, officers are concerned in case they break the speed barrier,” a source was quoted by the Sun, as saying. (ANI) : source : Techstickle

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