Tuesday, January 16, 2007

David Beckhams New Bedroom

David Beckhams New Bedroom

David Beckhams New Bedroom

Andrew has just posted those pictures of what might be the Beckham’s new little cottage in Bel Air “A hilltop property with an infinity pool that gives the impression one could almost swim over the edge and plunge headfirst into the bright lights of LA”

But more important than the amenities of this mansion, the question Andrew asked himself is, will the Beckhams “plunge headfirst into the bright lights” of Scientology once they arrive.” via Towleroad.

Sources have informed us that “what” may become the next French president, Nicolas Sarkozy (I hope not), is part of the Scientology family. You may not remeber but in 2004 Tom Cruise has personaly visited Nicolas Sarkozy at the Minister … to talk cinema !!! Yeah right … The Scientology, classified as cult is forbidden in France … for now ! Our source also informed us that a couple of French journalists who have tried to mention the Sarkozy-Scientology connection have been fired !!!

Sarkostique a great satire blog about N.S mentioned the Scientology thing this past summer.


: source : Techstickle

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