Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple Launches IPhone - Shares Soar

Apple Launches IPhone - Shares Soar

Apple Computer (AAPL)

First, the specs: the iPhone 4GB model will be $499 and will ship in June (not, it turns out, January 15th). It will run Cingular and Yahoo! IMAP email. Shivers. This is one phone I’m dying to own.

How will Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone be different from every other “mobile communication device” out there? How? Just tell us, Steve. It will be done without a keyboard… without a stylus… thanks to the patented power of “multi-touch.”

Hmmm. Well, whatever that is, it’s certainly lovely. In Engadget’s live coverage of Steve Job’s MacWorld keynote address, the photos have been rolling out like so much gadget porn.

Yum. But, as they say in the business, “that’s not all.”
The widescreen iPhone will display TV shows and, I’d presume, movies…

Phone has conferencing capabilities …

Multiple SMS messages at once, multi-touch keyboard…

Phone runs the Safari browser, allows for zooming in at the touch of a finger …

HTML, IMAP email (free from Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO))…

Camera phone with lovely album display…

The list goes on. And as the news comes out, Apple’s stock is up huge… since the first photos of the iPhone started appearing the stock’s up $5, for a total of $7.08 or 8.28%, to $92.55.

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