Friday, December 22, 2006

Robbies out with PSB

Robbies out with PSB

Robbies been partying with pop duo the PET SHOP BOYS, despite playing down rumours he is homosexual. The ANGELS singer has flirted with homosexuality in the past but insists he only has eyes for women, despite constant speculation to the contrary. Williams loves visiting London’s top gay nightspots with the GO WEST hitmakers, because the gay community is totally accepting of him. He says, “We go to Heaven nightclub and I f**kin’ love it - it’s great. They enjoy seeing it through my eyes, I think, and I enjoy being with them and being accepted.”

Robbie is afraid he will remain single forever, because no girl can ever live up to his ideal woman *Madonna*

“She’s Madonna” from his new album Rudebox is a collaboration between Robbie and the Pet Shop Boys. Robbie says he wrote the song after seeing Madonna perform at last year’s MTV Europe awards. During the summer Robbie was accused of stealing a song by Rod Stewart’s stepson. Ashley Hamilton, claimed that he worked with Robbie on the new single “She’s Madonna” before the singer asked the Pet Shop Boys to finish the track. The album release could be delay to avoid another legal action from former Take That manager who thinks lyrics in the song The 90s, are defamatory to him …



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