Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kylie’s Home Coming Kylie’s Home Coming

Beautiful_kylie1THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED. ABSOLUTE CONFIRMATION OF WHAT IS ARGUABLY THE MOST ANTICIPATED TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT IN AUSTRALIAN CONCERT HISTORY. KYLIE RETURNS CENTER STAGE ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11. Beautiful_kylie2Beautiful_kylie3 On May 17, 2005, just two days prior to the first show of her massive sell out Australian Showgirl Tour, Michael Gudinski broke the news that Kylie Minogue had been diagnosed with breast cancer and consequently had to postpone her Australian tour dates. More then one year later, after extensive treatment, Kylie is ready to entertain her Australian fans as promised, with the full Showgirl concert. Kylie has used her time out of the spotlight to update her original Showgirl tour for her loyal Australian fans with the new tour aptly named the Showgirl Homecoming Tour. There is little doubt that Kylie’s return to the stage will be an emotional time for both Kylie and her legions of fans. Not only in Australia, but worldwide. Welcome back, Kylie! –B- Beautiful_kylie4 KYLIE MINOGUE | BEAUTIFUL
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