Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dolce and Gabbana Summer 2007
D&G Summer 2007


JEWELERY : Ankle and wristbands in handmade metal. Pendants with Indian crosses, animal teeth, feathers and chronographs.


INSPIRATION : American Indians with their virility and good looks, men of natural beauty whose bodies, sculpted by outdoor activities, close to nature. FABRICS : Suede, denim, cotton, velour. SHAPES : Larger volumes with echoes of the eighties, such as oversized t-shirts and a rethink of oversized pants and shorts.


CONTRASTS : An Indian tradition mixed with modernity, handcrafted and ancient-style natural fabrics with sports materials of tracksuit trousers and jackets or bright lycra colored swimwear. The contrast of topstitched and decorated suede loafers worn with logoed gym socks.


SPORTS : Those played by American college teams - baseball, rugby, basketball. The Sports League is introduced, made up of historic Indian tribes who wear sweatshirts with suede fringe, while terry cloth head and wristbands are replaced by the beads and feathers of Indian Chiefs. Suede legwarmers are worn over the sneakers.


ACCESSORIES : Oversized shoulder bags with fringe and beads, suede boots and loafers and sneakers. Belts with a themed buckle of eagles and Apache Indians.

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