Friday, November 17, 2006

Borat's anus loosen in Sydney

Borats anus loose at Manacle in Sydney

Borat’s anus loose at Manacle in Sydney

Borat's anus loosen in Sydney

Borat (comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, whose other characters include a camp Austrian TV reporter, Bruno, and satirical gangster wannabe Ali G) is in Sydney this week to promote his film.

“I like very much Australia, I am a huge fanny of your country,”

“Last night I go to a very nice nightclubs in Oxford Street named Manacle. There were 200 men dancing there with no shirt on, very strong and muscular, and only one womans. And who do you think she choose? … Borat!”
He said the woman was taller than him, with hair on her arms and a very deep voice.
“This morning my anus was hang loose like the mouth of a tired dog.”

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