Friday, November 17, 2006

Axle Whitehead - Knob Out

Axle WhiteheadAxle Whitehead - Knob Out On Aria Awards

Axle Whitehead, Ten Video Hits host has resigned from the Ten Network 3 days after exposing himself {dont you love that phrase] at the ARIA Awards on Sunday night.

Axle left his penis dangling out of his fly on stage while helping Sydney radio jock Jabba present an award. He also simulated wanking himself on the ARIA trophy as the winners made their way to the stage.

My understanding is that he wasn’t wearing any undies, his fly was open and some of the lunch meat fell out of the sandwich’’ Jabba told Confidential.

Apparently, the image of his dick was flashed up on two giant video screens on either side of the stage. Pity! the incident was edit out of the ARIA telecast and never get aired on TV.

I hope the footage gets leaked somewhere and posted on youtube. So we get to see Whitehead’s dickhead!!

So whers the You Tube version guys??

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