Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Helen Clark denied on Sunday that her husband was gay

Wellington - New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark denied on Sunday that her husband was gay and described innuendo about him in a magazine as ’schoolboy smut’ being circulated by her political opponents.

She said she had been happily married for 25 years and blamed the main opposition conservative National Party - whose leader was reported last week to be having an affair with a millionaire businesswoman - for rumours about her husband Peter Davis.

A monthly magazine called Investigate, whose editor Ian Wishart has made no secret of his religious convictions and opposition to Clark’s Labour Party, has published what it calls ‘The Smoking Gun’ issue showing a photograph of Davis being hugged by a self-confessed gay man.

The Sunday Star-Times said the photo was taken last year on the night Clark was returned to power at a general election and quoted gay doctor Ian Scott as saying, ‘I am not his gay lover. He is not gay. I have known Peter and Helen for a long time.’

The paper said the photo, which was taken from television footage screened at the time, showed Scott ‘embracing Davis and seeming to kiss him.’

Clark told the TV3 news that her husband, a professor of sociology at Auckland University, was ‘not particularly happy’ with the photo but ‘it happened and that’s all there is to it.’

Asked if her husband was gay, Clark, 56, replied, ‘Absolutely not.’

Investigate has run previous stories attacking Clark’s government for passing a civil unions’ law that legitimatises gay partnerships.

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