Saturday, August 12, 2006

We told you about a German zoo’s plans to...

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Gay penguins won’t go straight

penguins We told you about a German zoo’s plans to tempt its gay penguins to go straight by importing more females. Guess what? The plan has been declared a failure. The female penguins were flown in especially for the purpose of seduction from Sweden, because after all - Swedish penguins are known for being hot, but the effort to encourage the Humboldt penguins at the Bremerhaven Zoo to reproduce went nowhere. The six gay penguins showed no interest in their new female companions and remained faithful to each other. Zoo Director Heike Kueck said, “The relationships were apparently too strong.” The zoo has said that it will try again in Spring 2006, because the penguins are an endangered species and need to be encouraged to breed.

Ananova[Date: 11-Feb-05 ]

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