Sunday, August 06, 2006

Teddy John Is Gay?

Is Teddy John Gay Is Teddy John Gay
Is Teddy John Gay Is Teddy John Gay?

Teddy John from "8th & Ocean" could be gay!. Thanks Gay Mechanic Wales


eze1120 said...

its a lie
i dont beleive it! do u really think a guy that hot was gay, he couldnt find a better lookin guy then that old lookin rapist?he looks like he is old enough to be his dad. im on teddy's side.he's not gay

Technine said...

I agree with eze. There's no way that kid is gay. I mean he was macking it with girls all over the show. Just some guy making up stories to get his 15 minutes.

teddy said...

lmao....hez not gay...mmmm..i m tellin u me haha...hez not at all gay...