Saturday, August 12, 2006

Georgina Beyer’s transgender discrimination...

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Georgina Beyer’s transgender discrimination bill called bizarre

beyer New Zealand’s proposed transgender discrimination law was slammed by Opposition MPs as bizarre, foolish and wrong. Transsexual MP Georgina Beyer (shown) proposed the Human Rights Amendment Bill which will prohibit discrimination on the grounds of gender identity. The bill would protect hundreds of inter-sex and thousands of transgender people, Beyer said. “If we want these particular sectors of society to be able to fully function in society, then they deserve protection,” she told NZPA. “I am a transsexual: not a man, not a woman per se, although I tend to that side, obviously.” National MP Richard Worth said, “I think it is bizarre in the extreme to contemplate that cross dressing will be an approved form of dress in the military, in the police and in the prison service. The foolish legislation should be abandoned,” Worth said.

Stuff NZ[Date: 10-Feb-05 ]

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