Saturday, July 29, 2006

Robbie Williams 'Secretly' Gay?

Robbie_williams_1_1Ever since his career started with the once so popular boys band Take That there have been rumors about the sexual preference of Robbie Williams. Is he gay, or is he not. Over the years, the singers provocative attitude hasn’t really helped him in denying his rumored homosexuality. On the contrary. Apparently it is allowed for a celebrity to play with his audience and let them believe. Robbie_williams_2_1
It becomes a different case though when established papers start adding to the rumors. The People Newspaper for example, who ran a story in 2004, headlined ‘Robbie’s secret gay lover’. The paper claimed that in his biography, written by friend Chris Heath, Robbie had been pretending his only sexual relations had been with women, and that in reality he was gay and had engaged in casual encounters with strange men. The newspaper also alleged the 31-year-old pop star had enticed a stranger into a toilet in a Manchester club where they performed sex acts on each other and where Robbie invited the stranger in further sex engagement. One wonders where this detailed information comes from. And Robbie must have asked himself the same question. Which resulted in him suing The People Newspaper, and dragging Star and Hotstar magazines along. To make a long story short, Robbie won the case and has accepted substantial but undisclosed libel damages from the three papers. Robbie’s lawyer told the London High Court that "Mr. Williams is not, and has never been, homosexual, " which means so much as Robbie is not gay right now, but he might become homosexual in the future. So it could be that he actually is, but too afraid to admit it. Conclusion, we still don’t know anything.

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