Thursday, May 18, 2006

Queens: Sydney Spanish Film Festival

David and I went to see Queens, at the Spanish Film festival on Sunday. Actually it was the second time I have seen this movie, the first being in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in March. An hilarious movie in my opinion and I could just about keep up with some of the lingo too!

I'm getting married in the morning, ding-dong my bells are going to shine...' If you have any notion of getting hitched, then come see Queens: a big, glossy Spanish take on the country's first mass gay wedding. Your guides for the hour are five mothers coping not only with their sons' romantic problems but with some of their own as well. One is a nymphomaniac, another a needy nightmare and a third a well-to-do actress contemplating the social horror of her son marrying the gardener's lad. The boys are all hysterical (and cute). But as the special day comes round, the fates conspire to drown their looks in floods of tears and disappointment. Queens delivers highly on the laugh front with some great performances. Warning, however: whatever stage of commitment your relationship is at (and yes for all singles, an imagined one is okay too) Queens may put you off white suits for life.

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