Monday, May 29, 2006

Nude Jude

Jude Law If you missed Jude Law Nude last August, here's the story: Pity poor Jude Law: it's one thing to have paparazzi shots of your genitalia splashed hither and yon across inboxes everywhere, but it's another to have the size queens at Page Six make bitchy remarks about them: "In snapshots that recall George Costanza�s infamous 'shrinkage' episode on 'Seinfeld,' the love-rat actor�s meager manhood is on full display as he changes into a swimsuit outside his mother Maggie Law�s house in Vaudelnay, France. 'He�s no Tommy Lee, that�s for sure,' sighed one unimpressed publicist who viewed copies of the paparazzi pix obtained by PAGE SIX." Along with our nanny-poking-stick-ogling colleagues at Defamer, we bewail the unjustice of it all: couldn't they at least have given Jude the benefit of the doubt and said he was a grower, not a shower? Jude Law

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