Sunday, March 19, 2006

Colorado gay rights measure gains interesting support

Colorado based Focus on the Family, the wingnuts who\'ve made it a mission" to teach the world that gays and lesbians lead dangerous and deviant lifestyles, the same ministry that has long lobbied against recognizing same-sex couples as spouses or even parents, has endorsed"> a bill that would give same-sex couples in the state some of the same rights as heterosexual spouses. For the record the bill's GOP author, Senator Shawn Mitchell, doesn't support gay marriage or even civil unions. Colorado Clergy for Equality and Marriage has announced its opposition to the proposed state constitutional amendment that would place a ban on gay marriage in the state. Gil Caldwell says, "My concern as a civil rights activist is that we have not learned lessons from our history," Caldwell said. "We\'ve been through the segregation of women, the segregation of African Americans. Now it appears we want to segregate same-gender loving couples. View more.... [Date: 17-Feb-06 ]

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