Saturday, October 01, 2005

Roy Horn gaining ground or giving up?

Roy Horn gaining ground or giving up? Tiger mauling victim Roy Horn, pictured, will walk again according to the German Dr. Albert Scheller, that is providing that Horn has the will to make it happen. "He can walk now a little, but he doesn't have the confidence," said Scheller, who has been treating the Las Vegas illusionist at a clinic in Munich. Siegfried and Roy's Horn, who was reported to have been battling depression following the mauling in 2003, was "really shaky" when he first sought treatment. But the doctor says Horn's spirits have improved since he started stem-cell therapy and a detox regimen designed to get him off all the painkillers. Scheller hopes that after surgery Horn "will be able to work after three, four days."�
[Date: 27-Jul-05 ]

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