Monday, September 26, 2005

Queer Day got caught in the Telus crossfire

Queer Day got caught in the Telus crossfire Regarding Queer Day being banned in Canada, the lovely and talented Jim writes, "The workers at the telco in the story (Telus) have been on strike for quite a while. In an effort to suppress free thought (after all, they ARE a telco) they attempted to block access to the union's website - protecting their customers from those awful strikers. While doing so they appear to have used the scattershot approach and blocked over 700 domains ... uh... by mistake? I don't think they were being specifically homophobic - Queer Day got hit by the backspray along with a recycling company in Colorado, a breast-cancer fundraising site and over 700 more domains! You're all back on-line because the courts took a dim view of this type of union-busting. Boing Boing documented the occurence." Thanks Jim, you're the best!�
[Date: 04-Aug-05 ]

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