Friday, September 30, 2005

Feather Boa drags in the stars

Feather Boa drags in the stars Welcome to Vancouver for another Sunday night at the Odyssey. The crowd is filtering in for Feather Boa, a weekly drag show that has become a tradition - and its attracted its share of Hollywood celebrities as well. Ben Affleck, Sir Ian McKellen, Alan Cumming, Debbie Reynolds, Alexis Arquette and others have all been spotted in the audience over the years. Justine Tyme, pictured, announces, "It's Pride Week, everybody! Happy Pride!" She pauses for effect and sips on her Molson Dry. Her face falls and she groans: "I am so tired of being Proud!" As Steven Schelling points out, "It takes a lot of work to stand up tall, head held high, and demand respect from the world around you. How much harder that must be when, like Ginger Rogers, you have to do it backwards, and in heels."�
[Date: 29-Jul-05 ]

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