Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lesbian Ashley Stinson forced from her Northern Ireland home

In Northern Ireland, lesbian Ashley Stinson says she\'s been forced from her home home saying she can\'t cope with the situation any longer and has been forced to move out following a series of attacks on her residence. "Ignorance, I would say, is a big part of it, if anybody is slightly different, people are afraid of them," Stinson said. Her mother\'s car had been attacked. A couple of nights later a fire was set in a trash can that burnt out the back of her home. The Fire Department put it out. On another night they went to a nightclub with a friend and left his car at her home. "We came back and his car was stole off the drive, smashed up and left across the street." Most recently her window was smashed out. Police figures have shown a steep increase in homophobic incidents in Northern Ireland.  View more.... [Date: 26-Jul-05 ]

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