Monday, July 04, 2005

Kraft boycott reveals their true hatred

Kraft boycott reveals their true hatred Kraft's sponsorship of the Gay Games, and the subsequent right wing Christian boycott of the company for doing so, is one of the clearest examples I've witnessed of just how hateful and petty they truly are. Those of us with a keen eye may see it all the time cleverly woven into their sound bite fabrics as they ramble absent mindedly about the sanctity of something or other like saving the babies - and then they casually mention that they don't hate gays, they're just protecting the family jewels. A boiling cauldron of debate ensues. But in the case of the Gay Games boycott - what can they claim to be protecting? This crusade is quite obviously different, but before we take a closer look at it, I'd like to take a moment for us to remember something. Although the Gay Games are obviously very important to those actually competing in them - and those who are married to someone, or fucking someone, who is competing in them - the truth is that the overwhelming majority of us could really give a rat's ass. Kraft's altruistic sponsorship is generous and worthy of sincere applause, although sponsoring the Gay Games means little in the big LGBT scheme of things. Some queers are going to get together to play some games. If a business wants to give them a little dough to help make that happen, what could there possibly be to gain in preventing them from doing so, that is, except to dropkick us into a mud puddle like the rabid and caustic schoolyard bullies that they are. �
[Date: 27-Jun-05 ]

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