Thursday, July 07, 2005

George Michael and Elton John bury the hatchet

George Michael and Elton John bury the hatchet The feud between George Michael and Elton John has come to an end. I know, we're a little disappointed too, but Michael did have John over for an extra special dinner prepared by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and Ramsey did alll the cooking while the pair laughed themselves silly. Perhaps they were recalling the time John told the press that George smoked too much blow because of a deep-rooted unhappiness in his life." Or maybe they were laughing about the time George said John was living on yesterday's hits. Whatever the case, although John had previously tried to make up and George had ignored his phone calls, evidence of the truce can be found, of course, in John's agreement to let George to use their duet 1991 hit "Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me" on George's upcoming duets album, due out later this year. �
[Date: 06-Jul-05 ]

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