Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big Gay Out scores with Bananarama, loses with Babyshambles

London\'s Big Gay Out, one of the largest gay festivals in Europe, took place this past weekend with the likes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood performing, Human League, and if that wasn\'t enough of a blast from the past, after 13 years off the scene Bananarama, pictured, now a duo featuring Sarah Dallin and Keren Woodward, hit the stage as well. They have a new single being released soon too called "Move In My Direction," just in case you were wondering. Anyway, who wasn\'t there was Babyshambles. Big Gay Out organizers had insisted Pete Doherty would perform at the Finsbury Park event, but they scored themselves another no show. Rumor has it Doherty has sacked his bandmantes and no progress is even being made on the buzz band\'s debut album.  View more.... [Date: 26-Jul-05 ]

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