Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Irish President Mary McAleese denounces homophobia

Irish President Mary McAleese denounces homophobia In Ireland, President Mary McAleese denounced homophobia several times during her address at an all-male Londonberry school. She said, "Those citizens of tomorrow . . . what do they say when their friends make sexist, racist, sectarian or homophobic jibes do they stay silent and let the poison of contempt go on its cruel way, or do they have the guts to stop it in its tracks and say such words are unacceptable and dangerous? Do they have the backbone and the conviction to lead their friends in the right direction even if it seems the loneliest place in the world? McAleese was attending the 125th anniversary celebration at St Columb's College.�
[Date: 14-Jun-05 ]

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