Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Gay Pride parade alarmed Neil Steinberg's son

Gay Pride parade alarmed Neil Steinberg's son Straight Jewish columnist Neil Steinberg, pictured, sympathizes with gay rights, one "loathed minority" to another, and he's sharing a great gay pride story. When his son was 3 they wound up at Gay Pride unintentionally, "forgetting that a quarter million people were packing the streets. With the sidewalks jammed, I scooped my little guy and held him in my arms and we watched the passing carnival - muscle boys in tiny swimsuits, transvestites on roller skates, gay celebrities sitting on the back of open convertibles. My young son's eyes goggled in alarm. 'Daddy,' he said, pointing, 'those men ... they're not wearing seat belts.'" �
[Date: 28-Jun-05 ]

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