Monday, June 27, 2005

Gay employee Rob McGinty fired from Alaska Airlines

Gay employee Rob McGinty fired from Alaska Airlines Don't you hate it when you split up with your partner, who is on your health plan, and he tells the company you've been lying. That's Rob McGinty's story in a nutshell. McGinty spent more than two decades in the airline industry until Alaska Airlines investigator Don Pilker dropped a bomb. McGinty, he believed, had fraudulently claimed health benefits for his longtime partner. McGinty was livid - "I'm absolutely outraged that you would take the word of a psychologically unbalanced alcoholic over that of a 22-year veteran with not one blemish on my record." They did. McGinty was fired. The story also helps illustrate how corporate benefit policies often have tougher eligibility standards for domestic partners than for married people. It's not equal. If McGinty had been married, he'd still have a job. His union wants him reinstated.�
[Date: 20-Jun-05 ]

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